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We are following here on the best selling home hair removal systems.

(Updated 2017) – The Remington IPL iLight Ultra Face & Body is the current leader!

Women laser hair removal remington IPLThe new Remington system for home hair removal is the new device which gives effective results with few home treatments. Getting the attention of thousands of customers.
The new device comes with a larger IPL window and more flashes per cartridge (65,000!).

Not surprisingly it is the best selling IPL home removal device on Amazon.

You can get the Remington IPL right Here.

remington-ilight-ultra-new-ipl-system-hair-removal-1Follow the treatment sequence and make sure to follow the device safety guide and you have a good chance to join others who gave it 4-5 stars!
Meaning a smoother body, with effective results. The larger IPL window means  faster treatments and less hassle.

Remington IPL iLight Body & Face System

  • FDA approved.
  • Safe for skin types 1-4 (white and mild tan)
  • Safe on ALL dark hair colors.
  • Fast! Full legs treatment in 30 minutes.
  • Simple! Underarms in 5 minutes..
  • Advanced touch control panel.
  • Extended Quartz IPL lamp with 65000 flashes!
  • Fast results!  Effective! Up to 94% hair reduction in just 3 treatments
Remington smooth legs woman
The Remington IPL6500 is used by thousands of customers worldwide. Claim YOUR Remington iLight Ultra Face & Body Home Hair Removal System Here!



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