Buy The Me My Elos Pro Ultra

One of the most advanced ELOS hair removal systems. This is the upgraded version.

About the product
  • NEWEST Model
  • 126,000 pulses cartridge inside
  • fits all skin types and colours
  • removes hair from ALL body parts including face

It is no secret that the Me my ELOS is probably the best home hair removal system you can buy online.

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The great change in mind set of the ELOS is making the home hair removal a breeze. Until the arrival of the ELOS, hair removal at home was a pain in the neck. Only if you were the right candidate, and if you use IPL or laser you had to shave a day before, and you had to make room for a 1-2 hour treatment.

Then came ELOS, and changed everything.

Me my ELOS quartz flashesThe Me my ELOS Pro Ultra have a SUPER fast system. In fact it’s faster than any other home device, including all IPLs combined too. The ELOS Pro uses the flash of light to preheat the hair and the following RF (radio frequency) which follows adds more heat.

The Me ELOS hand device can be used over the skin in a gliding motion, as if using a shaver..

You can add on a shaver or epilator to speed up the treatment process.

You can begin your smooth body journey with the ELOS Pro Ultra Device – Click here.

So a full body treatment which includes both legs, both arms, armpits and bikini line take 30-40 minutes! In a half an hour and you are done!