Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal risks[Affiliate disclosure, all links to amazon are affiliate links] Many think that laser hair removal do not have any dangers to them. Many think those treatments are just a cosmetic process. The truth is those treatments are also considered a medical procedure, with dangers of side effects and unpleasant results from permanent laser hair removal procedures.

How Does Laser System Work

Me my ELOS Ultra Pro Vs TouchLaser and IPL hair removal systems both use light energy and turn it into heat, usually laser uses more light energy per treated skin spot. The light which is flashed or beamed is absorbed by the darker color (should be the hair) and turns into thermal energy (heat). Just like a magnifying glass in the sun turns light into a burning beam.

Med Spa and laser clinics use usually stronger laser devices than the home laser hair removals, so most home laser machines are safer as they use lower energy power. Some laser devices (Like the TRIA Laser) have extra safety precautions to avoid the beam to reach dark skin and cause burns. Some use combines technology (IPL+Radio Frequency) so they are far more safe and less painful to use at home – Like the Me my ELOS hair removal system.

Dangers of laser hair removal are exactly related to medical procedures who involve some kind of risks and unwanted hair removal effects associated with them, no matter how minor they can be. While IPL laser hair removal is a minimally invasive procedure, you should learn about the main risks of laser hair removal.

Hair Removal Risks List

1. Clients could encounter some short-term unwanted effects that are generally limited. These conditions could include bit of a reddening of the epidermis or local swelling that disappears within a couple of days. While those are minor dangers they are very common.

2. One of the Dangers of laser hair removal causes localized damage to the skin around the follicle of the hair. Typical unwanted effects are itching, redness and swelling within the treatment place. Some level of pain, tingling and numbness is usually to be expected too. These types of dangers caused by the hair removal treatment probably will not last for more than three days. Use Anesthetic Gel with Lidocaine to manage the discomfort.

3. Other dangers of laser hair removal is that those undergoing it will expose themselves to the sun less than a week before, or immediately following, their treatment, and might end up with irritation or burns as a result… The sun has the most brutal effect on treated skin. Use sun block +SPF protection cream a week before and 2 weeks after the laser treatment.

4. A greater side effect of laser hair removal is in case you are on any medicinal drug prescription, you are required to let your physician know before the procedure takes place. Some medicinal drugs that can reduce the results from the procedure. But that is the least of the dangers. The real dangers of these laser hair removal lies in the health risks related to mixing medications with the hair removal treatment. Your Laser doctor should be aware of any medication taken before and during the laser treatments.

5. Other options of  laser hair removal treatments permanent risks, is for dark skinned people or those that tan just before their treatment may even be subject to some severe skin burning. (Unless they use the Me Elos Hair Removal which is safe for tanned people).

In order to help reduce these dangers, ensure you select a certified technician to perform the hair removal treatment. Furthermore just be sure you are a proper candidate for laser treatment. The darker the skin is the chances are greater that your skin is going to absorb more of the laser beam.

Some dangers of laser hair removal are irreversible (!) as in the case of hypo pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation can be caused too. Those may show up as white or dark colored spots and pigmentation on your skin. There are cosmetic treatments creams and serums which are not cheap to target these spots.

Laser burns

6. Dangers of laser hair removal may be harsh burns, mainly in dark-skinned men and women, as laser is immediately absorbed by darker skin. Many of the burns from this method of hair removal tend to be mild; however there are reports of extreme burns too. For safe home laser check the TRIA laser 4X home system.

ELOS Ultra Pro Hair Removal Home System7. For some people dangers of laser hair removal will be awkward problems caused from laser hair removal may be the regrowth of wild hair in patches and blisters. Sore spots might also cause pain, aside from the unpleasant overall look.

IPL hair removal uses less light energy, thus is safer to use (and less painful), the Me my ELOS Technology home removal system (see image) is currently the ONLY system approved by FDA to treat all skin colors and ALL hair colors.

8. You will find rare cases of significant side-effects such as reticulate erythematic, which is characterized by a long sustainable inflammation of the skin resembling a web-like design. These dangers of laser hair removal are a result of repeated sessions of (high energy) laser hair removal on a single spot. So make sure you do overlapping but not treating the same spot endlessly.

Laser blindness

9. Major dangers of laser hair removal, though are very rare are the probability of blindness, if the laser treatment is utilized near the eyes. Most home hair removal systems today have safety measures to prevent even an accidental flash to the eyes. You will find that the TRIA laser, Remington IPL, Veet IPL, Flash & Go IPL and Me my ELOS have all, sensors to lock them if the tip is not pressed to the skin.

Laser and skin cancer risks

10. Avoid tanning and the use of self-tanning sprays or tanning lotions for four to six weeks prior starting treatment in order to reduce risk. The laser can sometimes either increase or decrease melanin production and make the skin around the treated place darker or lighter. Melanin destruction can effect the body ability to develop skin cancer risks.

Safe Home Laser Hair Removal

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X - Fuchsia
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TRIA LASER – For the safest laser removal at home the TRIA laser is leading with the most safety procedures to avoid burning (dark skin color detector). The TRIA laser has 5 power levels so each user can decide which light energy power level is the most comfortable for them.

TRIA laser is safe for home use and FDA approved – Get your own TRIA Laser 4X advanced system here (Amazon.com).

Remington iLight Ultra IPL Face & Body

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This is the current hottest home hair removal sold online, with extended features and high safety sensors, it is one of the best solutions you can get for a home IPL removal treatment. The Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System has 65,000 flashes which are more than you need for a complete full body cycle, and follow up touches. It’s FDA cleared and has two sensors for eye protection and skin protection.

LumaRX Top Performing IPL

LumaRx IPL Hair Removal
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One of the top preforming home hair removal devices is the LumaRX. With high safety features and FDA clearance.

With 65,000 flashes, both skin tone and skin contact safety sensors. The LumaRX IPL comes with two interchangeable caps, one with wide window for legs, arms and abdominal. And precision cap for bikini lines and facial hair treatments.

Skin Protection Clothes After Laser Treatments

UPF clothes for womenThe IPL or laser use visible light and not UV light. But after a treatment the skin is vulnerable. You should beware from UV light especially between, and after treatments. If you do not have yet any UV filtering clothes, consider to check Amazon UPF clothes and get some. Skin exposure to sun light after hair removal treatments can accelerate UV skin damage.

Click here and pick two UPF 50+ rated sun protective items. (UPF 50 is the highest protection level for fabrics).

Those are the main dangers of laser hair removal, by proper study and seeking the best doctors and clinic, many of these dangers can be avoided.


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