Can Hair Removal Cream Be Used On Women’s Private Parts

Hair Removal Creams On Women’s Private Parts

hair removal creams on private partsDisclaimer – Non of the creams you will buy is approved to be used on your private parts. If you decide to do it, you do it at your own risk.

Apparently many women do use these creams not as they were planned. Men use them too to remove hairs from ‘down there’.

Some of the horror stories belong to the first creams which are launched which had very harsh chemicals and caused many people skin rash, burn sensation and irritations.

We gathered tips and guidelines about the pros and cons of using hair removal creams on women’s private parts, because it is one of the most frequent question asked at forums and by Amazon customers.

Hair Removal Creams Explained

The hair is built from keratin which is one of natures strongest building blocks, The horns of most animals is made of keratin even the rhino horn is made of keratin. The depilatory creams use chemicals to dissolve and break down the keratin bonds making it weak and easy to remove.

You can read here more about how depilatory creams chemical facts from ‘how stuff works‘.

Anything that removes hair can be called a depilatory. Hair removal creams are known as chemical depilatories because that’s how they eliminate hair — with alkaline chemicals, such as sodium thioglycolate, strontium sulfide and calcium thioglycolate.

A few years ago, when the first hair removal creams showed up, they used to be very harsh. They had horrible stinky smell, and many people had skin reactions when they applied them. But they were also nice easy solution for aesthetic needs. Instead of waxing hair from legs, undergoing agonizing pain, women could apply a layer of cream wait for 5 minutes and wipe the hairs off. A great payoff for 5 minutes of bad smell and maybe temporary skin rash.

Then came second generation depilatory creams they were already planned to be used on sensitive skin. They had milder chemicals and added soothing ingredients to reduce  the bad smell and reduce the irritation. These creams were marketed for bikini line hair removal and for people with sensitive skin. Though they were milder, people mistakenly tried to use these creams to remove hairs from private parts.

There were numerous reviews of people men and women who said they tried using these creams to go fully bare and suffered all kinds of side effects. From itching to rashes to skin burns and stinging sensation. The chemicals are not supposed to contact the delicate moist skin of the private parts. The vaginal and surrounding skin can not stand these substances and chemical reaction.

Facial Hair Removal Creams For Private Parts

All the creams for sensitive skin, were meant for sensitive leg skin and bikini line, they were not meant for treating ‘down there’.

There are some new depilatory creams which are designed to remove facial hair. They come in small little tubes, they have a precise tip, and can be used to remove fine to mild facial hair growth. These creams are NOT meant by the manufacturer to be used on private parts. But if you intend to remove pubic hair, than they might work for you better than the body and leg creams.

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair RemovalOne of the best selling facial hair removal creams. You can get it directly here from Amazon.

The pubic skin is delicate and sensitive. There are some guidelines to know before using facial hair removing creams, and these guidelines are relevant if you plan to use the creams around your privates.

Doing a Brazilian With Facial Hair Removal Creams

Removing hair from down there, is also known as ‘Brazilian’ hair styling. Maybe because it was first needed by Brazilian girls with the most tiny swimming suits at the beaches of CopaCabana in Rio de Janeiro. From strings panties to G-strings, the hair which was not covered has to go.

There are several ways to style your Brazilian strip. A style is about three fingers wide, B style is two fingers wide, C is one finger, and D is full bare, clean smooth pubic. Styles A-B-C are also known as “landing strip” pubic styling. Landing strip C will require a very skilled pilot to land their plane safely on it.. 🙂

Shaving Brazilian Bikini Hair StyleHow To Do It

Do a test drive before you use them – It is recommended to do a little patch test on a sensitive area skin to check if the cream causes any allergic reaction, rash or irritation. Pick a spot of untanned skin, preferably similar to the pubic skin like inside of the upper arm, inner forearm, upper thigh.. and apply some cream for 10 minutes, and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Wait for 24 hours – And see how well your skin reacts with the ingredients. Is it turning red, itching, any sign of rash or allergic symptoms. If everything went fine, you can proceed the second step of your plan.

These creams need to be applied not rubbed into the skin – So just apply them and let them do their work for 3-5 minutes depending on the cream (if it begins to itch, burn or sting, wipe it off).

When applying facial hair removal cream around your private parts be EXTREMELY careful how you apply it. Use a spatula or the tip of the tube to apply it, don’t just fill your palm and rub it carelessly.

Do NOT wash it off with water, the water will carry the chemicals inside or close to your pleasure places and you do not want any of that! Be just as careful when wiping the creams off as you were when applying them! Use a damp cloth to wipe the cream off, do it in precise movements, each time cleaning a bit more of the cream.

You can use a comb to separate the hairs and make a split where you apply the cream to make nice straight landing strip lines. It will help you contour the pubes, so the application process will not be messy.

If you do it standing up, or even sitting, the gravitation will pull cream if it drips toward your vagina. You might want to do it in two stages, like ‘left side’ and ‘right side’ and lay on your side. It’s only a 10 minute process to do a bikini landing strip, which may worth to do it properly and safely in two stages.

Check below which of these hair removal suits you best:

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Bliss ‘Fuzz’ Off Bikini quickly removes stubborn hair in the bikini area without drying out your skin.


These creams were not intended to go anywhere close to your private parts. If you do decide to use them, make sure to be careful, do a test, work precisely and delicately. Good luck.