Shaping a Brazilian Pubic With Tria Laser 2017

2017 Brazilian Shaping Techniques With Tria Laser

Brazilian Pubic hair with Tria laser 2017One of the most common reasons women buy a Tria Laser hair removal system, is to shape their pubic hair permanently. There are several styles for shaping the pubic hair for females, some just contour a trimmed bikini line and others go all the way full bare zone.

The Tria laser is one of the best home systems to do a Brazilian hair removal shape ‘down there’. Follow below to learn how to do it safely.

Creating a Brazilian With Tria Laser

The Brazilian hair style at the pubic is thought to be very sexy by many men and women. A Brazilian pubic hair style does not have to be totally bare, but a tiny trimmed strip of hair which is delicate and feminine. There are different ways to shape the pubic hair, you just need to decide which is best for you and your partner.

A – Three fingers wide, a small contoured bush hair, small enough for most thong underwear.

B – A two finger wide Brazilian, also known as Brazilian landing strip.

C – A narrow landing strip, for sexy underwear and G strings.

D – Full bare pubic.

Shaving Brazilian Bikini Hair StyleThe Tria laser official manual says the device is not approved to remove hair so close to the private parts. But with that said, there are hundreds of comments from women who used Tria laser successfully to create their own private Brazilian landing strip.

After you picked your personal design, you can proceed in the process.

Tria Laser PainTria laser has an advantage over IPL systems, because the small laser tip is very precise and useful to do the job.

Step #1 – Shave the area

You must shave the area you are about to treat with the Tria laser, this is part of the laser hair removal process anyway. Make sure the skin is smooth and dry.

Step #2 – Numb the area

Tria Brazilian landing - numb creamWhen using Tria laser the zapping can cause discomfort, when zapping down there, the process can move from discomfort to painful…

You can apply topical anesthetic creams like the Numb Master, which is very popular with laser hair removal needs. Read the cream’s insert to make sure you use it safely.

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Step #3 – Use white pencil to draw landing strip lines and mask tattoos

White pencil trai brazilian landing strip styleThis is a great tip which will help you be effective and safe. Use a white pencil to draw the lines of your desired Brazilian landing strip. The white color is important here, DO NOT USE BLACK PENCIL!

When laser is zapped over black color (like moles or tattoos) instant heat is created, and the skin can get burned! Do not zap with laser over tattoos – the dark ink in the skin tissue will heat and burn.

Click here to buy a white makeup pencil to design the Brazilian strip lines safely for the Tria laser session.

Use white masking tape to cover tattoos. Do not zap over them!!!

The lines should be a grid, each a finger wide, this will help you pulse along the lines and not over lap where not needed, and not miss areas you want the hair removed from.

Step #4 Zap it!

brazilian laser hair removal TRIANow you are ready to use the Tria and shape your pubic hair style as sexy as you wish. Move the laser tip according to the lines you have prepared. Make sure not to zap the delicate skin near the vagina, it is sometimes darker and you do not want burns down there.

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You will have to repeat the zapping process every two weeks, for 3-4 cycles and follow the treatment plan which came with your Tria laser unit.

The laser is effective only if the hair is connected down at the hair follicle (Anagen growth stage). Different hairs are at any given moment at different growth stages, so the process need to be repeated to cover them all. The growth cycle is 2 month so be patient and keep zapping.

Click here to read what other customers say about the Tria laser hair removal device. Some of the reviews refer to creating a Brazilian strip too.

Soon you will have a glorious Brazilian landing strip ready for your partner’s plane to land in 😉


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