Our Pick – Best Laser Hair Removal System For 2017

Best Laser Hair Removal System For 2017

TRIA 4 Laser Hair Removal CandidateIf you wish to remove unwanted hair at home, should look for the best laser hair removal device you can get. Buying an inferior system may result in waste of money and valuable time. To make your life easier here is our pick for the best laser hair removal system for 2017.

There are so many new laser hair removal systems out there, it can be difficult to figure which are good and which are are plain junk. There are many imitations and low energy lasers, or those who lack the proper safety features to enable a safe treatment at home.

Note, we did not include IPL systems when comparing and focused only on home hair reduction laser devices.

When we picked the best laser device we considered these factors:

  1. Safety above all!
  2. Effective hair removal results.
  3. Customers rating and reviews.

By Far The Best Laser Hair Removal Device

TheĀ Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X is by far the best home laser hair removal system for 2017!

It is one of the most reputed brands and one of the first home systems which were FDA approved for permanent hair reduction at home.

Our current choice is for the fourth generation TRIA laser (called 4X). It is not recommended to buy any of the older models (you would not buy an iPhone 2 today, would you?) as the upgrades done in the newer generations make them not worthy any more.

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Tria Beauty Laser Superior Safety

TRIA laser tipSafety First – The Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X has the top notch safety features as a permanent leader of the category.

The TRIA comes with a skin tone sensor which prevents the device from emitting laser when it’s not safe for the skin treated.

The system also has a sensor which prevents it from emitting laser unless it is pressed against the skin, to prevent it emitting laser toward the eyes.

There are some laser machines which cost more and lack these safety features. They may be better used by professional salon technicians than a regular personal home use.

Effective Results – Tria Laser

Laser vs ELOSThe Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser uses higher energy (joules per square cm) than IPL systems. The Tria laser 4X sends more energy per pulse to disable the hair root and zap it.

For comparison the highest level of energy pulsed by IPL is 9 J/cm2, the Tria laser can emit up to 20 J/cm2 ! Sending more energy to disable the hair growth.

It is recommended to use numbing gels and soothing creams, when treating with the Tria Laser to be able to use the higher level of energy without the discomfort it may cause.

You can check here what customer say about the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X, the best selling laser system at Amazon.

Tria Hair Removal Laser – What to Expect

Best laser hair removal 2017The Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X is the best home hair reduction device for home use.

Thousands of units are sold every month at Amazon. Tens of thousands have used it over the years. Like any device it is not perfect and there are some ‘cons’ which are worth to acknowledge before you order yours.

Treating with the Tria laser device requires patience – As you saw the laser tip is small, so zapping large areas take time. If you do not have patience or ability to perform the routine zapping process for 30-40 minutes, every two weeks, than the Tria may not be suitable for you.

Tria laser best laser hair removal sysetm 2017 kitDealing with the discomfort – The laser zapping is more painful than IPL. It is often described as a powerful rubber snap on the skin. For this reason many people use topical anesthetic creams when using the Tria. If you are extra sensitive to discomfort (pain..) purchase such cream when ordering the Tria laser.

Different people = different results – The right candidates for Tria laser are people with ‘white’ skin (not tanned and dark) and dark hair (not gray or yellow blond). Each person has different type of skin color, hair color, hair growth hormones, skin thickness and endless other factors which affect the end results.

This is true to any esthetic IPL or laser device.

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Comparing the laser alternatives, the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X is the best laser system you can get at 2017.

International Customers…

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