Is The TRIA Laser Hair Removal Safe For Indian Skin

TRIA Laser System Safety On Indian Skin

Tria Laser Safety For Indian SkinThis post is about the safety of the Tria Laser for hair removal on Indian skin. The Tria laser is a safe laser hair removal system, as long as it is used by the manufacturer guidelines and safety instruction (not to be used on face!).

Tria Laser system has advanced safety precautions, to prevent skin injuries. Tria laser is safer than any other home laser hair removal for home use.When coming to review it’s safety for Indian skin, Tria laser has the same faults as any other laser system.

Tria Laser Hair Removal On Indian Skin

Is Tria Laser Hair Removal Safe On Indian SkinThe Tria laser like other lasers, emits a strong beam of light to the skin. The light energy turns into heat when it is absorbed by the dark hair, the heat burns the hair bulb down the shaft, and the regrowth of the hair is disabled.

The main danger to dark skin, is that the light energy may be absorbed by the skin and get heated. When the skin complexion is too dark, it absorbs a large amount of light energy (compared to pale people) and the skin gets burned! These burns are painful and can be cosmetic issue too, especially when they happen after facial hair removal over dark skin.

Most Indian women and men have a rather dark skin tone, which means all home lasers are to dangerous for them to use.

Indian Skin On The Fitzpatrick Skin scale

The skin tones have been placed on a chart, called the Fitzpatrick Skin scale. The Fitzpatrick Skin scale begins at:

  1. “Snow white’ pale skin, “albino” never gets a tan always burns.
  2. White, fair (Russian, Scandinavian)
  3. Most common European Caucasian tone, sometimes mild burn, gradually tans to a light brown.
  4. Beige with a brown tint; typical Mediterranean Caucasian, Spanish skin.
  5. Dark brown, Indian skin, very rarely burns, tans very easily.
  6. “Sudan Black”, deeply pigmented skin, never burns.

Indian Skin Laser IPL hair removalThere are about 1 Billion Indian people, so placing them all on the no’ 5 scale would not be accurate. There are probably many with a fair Indian skin tone, which may be 1 – 4 skin types and not dark brown.

if this is your case and your skin is not dark or well tanned, then the Tria may be a useful solution for hair reduction at home.

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Tria Laser Not Safe For Dark Indian Skin

The Tria laser can treat skin types 1-4, if the  skin is too dark, the zapping will be too painful, and scarring may occur. This means that the Tria laser is not safe to treat Indian skin, unless the skin is not dark.

Tria has a special safety lock, which is a sensor that detects the skin tone. Before each laser beam pulse, the Tria laser checks the skin tone, and if it is not too dark, the Tria will pulse the light. This prevents the Tria to be used on dark skin like Indian skin and cause self injuries.

Safe Indian Skin Hair Removal

Because non of the other home laser systems (Dm6000 laser, Dm7000 laser) can treat dark skin, Indian people may need to search other solutions for their hair removal needs.

One option is the non light solutions like waxing, epilating and hair removal creams. They are safe because there is no risk from excessive light energy, but they are all short term solutions. Waxing and epilating may keep skin smooth for a few weeks at most.

Safe Indian Skin Hair Removal System
‘Me My Elos’ Hair Removal

Using ELOS technology. Another option for home hair removal, which has long lasting effects, is to get an ELOS technology hair removal system. The ELOS technology was invited by scientists and it uses IPL + RF to reach the maximum heat with the minimum safety risk.

IPL – Is a light flash which pre-heats the skin, and the RF (radio frequency) is a radio wave which gets attracted to the heated hair and heats it even more. Because the RF does the final destruction of the hair, and RF does not emit any light energy, ELOS hair removal is safer for Indian skin.

iLuminage Touch – ELOS Home System

ELOS machines treat skin faster, less painful and more effective than regular IPL systems. The only ELOS home hair removal system is the Me my ELOS hair removal system. There are several models of ELOS systems for home use. The newest one is the iluminage Touch ELOS device – approved by FDA for any skin color!

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You can get an ELOS treatment at the hair clinics and beauty salons, because 10 million ELOS treatments are done annually at professional hair centers. The technology which was only used at clinics is now available for home use too.


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