BEST Laser Hair Removal Systems For 2015

2015 Best Laser Hair Removal Devices

The laser hair removal systems are blooming now at 2015! The global trend is that more and more people prefer to do laser hair removal at home. In this review you can read our opinion which is the best laser hair removal system for 2015. Most people do not understand or care about the difference between laser and IPL, they refer to both as “laser hair removal”. This is why our best laser hair removal system for 2015, is actually an IPL.

Updated June – 2015

How We Picked The Best Hair Removal System for 2015?

When coming to chose a winner for 2015 home hair removal devices, we compared: Technology; Results; User Friendly; Versatile and Price.

The technology should be effective and SAFE for home use. For example there currently at 2015 some home hair removal lasers with 96-130 Joules per cm². Our winner has only 9 Joules per cm². The high Joules per cm² count doesn’t mean it is better system. Lasers lacking the necessary safety sensors, are more dangerous for home use.

Results – Results can vary from person to person, but clinical trials are done, and customers reviews are read. If a system has a technology which is complicated to use (like a small spot size) or too much prior reparations needed, users fail to complete the treatment plan, and get disappointed.

User Experience – At 2015, users are custom to get the most comfortable devices, if it is an iPhone, iPad or a Kindle. The winner has to be ‘different’ and not the same too-much-hassle system. Customers expect a fast effective treatment with little to no hassle!

Versatile – Can the system be used over the face, can it be used for women and men, can it be used for dark/tanned skin. For example the Silk’n SensEpil IPL has a bright red/pink color, and men do not want to buy or use it.

Price – We would have liked to pick the cheapest home hair removal system for 2015. But we decided the price factor will not be the main factor. Hair removal costs has many layers, including cost of device ,cost of replacement cartridges, cost for alternative solutions like: facial hair removal at Salon, or time invested = money. So the cheapest system is does not have to be the one which costs less.

Best Hair Removal For 2015 – Me My Elos

Best laser Hair Removal system for 2012

We choose the Me my Elos hair removal system, as the best hair removal for 2015. The Me My Elos has a superior ELOS hair removal technology, using the regular IPL plus an added heating energy from two RF Bi-Polar transmitters. While all IPL systems have 6 Joules per cm² the MeMyElos has 9 Joules per cm², which is 30% more energy!

Why Me my Elos is our best hair removal system for 2015? The MeMyElos is like ‘a wish come true’ hair removal device. It has the technology to overcome most IPL and laser drawbacks.

  1. Safer – It is the only system safe for ALL skin tone and colors including tanned, brown and BLACK skin tones. All the other systems are safe for fair skin types only.
  2. Faster sessions – The Me-my-Elos can complete a full body session in 30 minutes, faster than any other system! Other systems will need at least 40-60 minutes to finish just one leg..
  3. Facial Hair Removal – The Me my Elos is the only home hair removal system at 2015 which has an accessory kit for facial hair removal. All other systems are either not recommending facial use, or do not support their claims with the right accessories and instructions.
  4. Best Hair Removel Device For 2012No Preparations! The Me my Elos is the only system where treatments can be done without any prior shaving and preparations! Just plug & play thanks to the two ‘Me’ genius attachments (sold separately) the Me-Shaver and the Me-Epilator.
  5. Extended IPL Cartridge – For a complete full body session, it is estimated that  750 pulses of IPL are needed. While most systems have IPL replacement cartridges of 1000-1500, the ‘Me my ELOS’ hair removal has 120,000 pulses!!

It is more than you may expect for in a home hair removal device.

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Watch Best Hair Removal For 2015 In Action

 How Much Does The Best Hair Removal System Cost at 2015

When most hair removal systems had their price axed, at 2015 the price tag of the Me my Elos is not expected to change. Though many systems seem to cost less, there are some hidden costs which are overlooked. Most systems will require a constant purchasing of IPL cartridges, others are not allowed for facial use, so other systems need to bought or money invested at beauty salon treatments.

More and more low budget hair removal IPL systems have been released at the end of 2011, here are just some of them: Silk’n Flash & Go and Remington IPL6000USA. The Syneron MeMyElos is not competing with the low tier budget kits, and with the patent ELOS technology used, it has no real competition.

When the Me my Elos was launched it had a price of $899, now may be because of the global depression, you can see the price was adjusted and you can get it for a much lower price.

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Compare Me my Elos With Other Systems:

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  2. Me-My-Elos Vs Remington IPL6000
  3. Me-My-Elos Vs TRIA Laser
  4. The NEW Me my Elos Facial Hair Removal Kit

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