Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal Review

Silk’n Flash&Go NEW Home Removal System

Silkn Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal ReviewThe ‘Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal’ is a new home system released by the well known Silk’n brand manufacturer. The new IPL is designed as a small one piece unit, unlike it’s former Silk’n SensEpil which had a base unit and a hand piece IPL flash device.

In this Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal review you can read about the pros and cons, and find out if it is the right IPL system for your needs.

Silk’n Flash&Go Technical Review

The IPL specs reviewed are quite easy to follow and understand, most of the IPL systems for home use have similar specs, which makes them more or less all the same.

Electric Cord Operated – Means the system can work fluently without any ‘low battery’ signals and recharging breaks. This is an advantage when compared to the TRIA laser which is cordless. The fact that the system is a one piece device makes it handy to carry and not bulky as the Silk’n SensEpil.

Max Energy Level – 5 joules per cm2. Exactly like the Silk’n SensEpil, the Flash&Go IPL hair removal uses the same HPL technology at the same energy level. Don’t let the HPL confuse you it is a regular IPL technology with slightly different spectrum wavelength, enough to be called Silk’n HPL Technology (Home Pulsed Light).

IPL Spot Size – 1.33 cm x 3 cm [4.0 cm Squared] This is the size of the IPL window, and skin coverage with each pulse of light. Larger spot size means more coverage for each pulse, and faster sessions, but is also less comfortable for facial use (upper lip). For comparison the SensEpil has 6.0 cm Squared.

IPL Repetition Rate – How many pulses can the system do per second. This has direct impact on the session length as slow pulse rate means slow session. The Silk’n Flash&Go has a speed rate of 1 pulse every 3.5 seconds. This is faster than the SensEpil but still not as fast as the leading IPL system Me my Elos by Syneron.

Review of Silk’n Flash&Go System Pros

The system has many pros, which makes it a fine challenger for leading the new line of small non-expensive IPL systems like the Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro.

First of all it is small size, so it is very comfortable to handle and use. There are no bulky base units and cords, only one cord to the device like a hand held hair dryer.

Second thing the Silk’n Flash&Go permanent hair removal has all the safety sensors needed for safe home IPL hair removal treatment. The system has a touch sensor, which will prevent any accidental pulsing when the window is not covered by skin, and there is the skin-tone sensor which will protect a dark candidate from pulsing intense light over dark skin.

A small IPL lamp window, which means it can delicately treat facial hair areas like the upper lip and the sideburns, without overlapping into the lips or too close to the eyes. The small window is also comfortable for treating body curves like the bikini line and chin.

Extended IPL lamp capacity, the Silk’n SensEpil had a 750 flashes per cartridge, and the small new Flash&Go has 1000 flashes per lamp. Having an extra 250 flashes, and 2 cartridges which are delivered with the unit, makes it a better value for money than the SensEpil.

The low price! One advantage of the Flash& Go is the low price compared to the former SensEpil, the NEW Flash& Go Permanent hair removal system is delivered at $299 (with 2 IPL cartridges!) which is nearly 40% off the SensEpil list price!

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Silk’n Flash & Go Permanent Hair Removal System

Silk’n Flash&Go hair Removal Cons Review

There are no direct cons for this system, it is just as good as you may expect a hair removal device by Silk’n to be. The main downfalls for the Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal system is when it is compared to other systems, they each have better specs and better features in different parameters.

The small flash IPL window (4.0 cm Squared), and the slow pulse rate (1 pulse every 3.5 seconds) means the IPL hair removal session will be slower than other systems, which have larger window or faster pulse rate, or both!

Small IPL cartridge (compared to other systems like the Remington IPL6000) means you will need to keep buying Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal HPL replacement lamps more than other IPL users.

Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal Conclusion

We hope the Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal Review, shed some new light on the new exciting hair removal system. The good news is that home hair removal IPL systems are getting smaller, better and cheaper! The Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal has one main advantage, which is a very strong brand name promise behind it. The SensEpil was chosen as the best hair removal system for 2011, by thousands of readers, the Silk’n Flash&Go can be a fine candidate for 2012!

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