How To Permanently Remove ‘Peach Fuzz’ Hair From Face

Remove Blond Facial ‘Peach Fuzz’ Hair

There is no doubt that the ‘peach fuzz’ is one of the most annoying and disturbing cosmetic facial issues women have to deal with. Many women seek ways for permanent removal of the ‘peach fuzz’ facial hair. While there are many temporary ways to do it, there are less permanent ways available. In this review you can read about NEW tactics to remove the peach fuzz facial hair, maybe even for good!

Woman Peach Fuzz Facial Hair RemovalWe will skip all the temporary methods to remove Vellus facial hair, which include: Shaving, waxing, bleaching, epilation and depilatory creams. All of these will make the hairs ‘disappear’ for a few days, weeks, only to pop again fresh and ugly as were before.

The method explained here will require two things, a some patience and some financial investment.

Part 1 – Get an IPL Hair Removal Machine

The first thing you will need is an IPL hair removal system for home use. There are many types and models you can choose from. They are nearly all the same, and all will do the same effect. Here we will recommend two devices, which are not only the best IPL for home use, but the only one who officially permits facial hair removal with their system.

  • Silk’n SensEpil – Award winning of as the best hair removal of 2011! Skinovation inc. permits using the Silk’n below the cheekbone line. Silk’n is sold at Amazon for $450. (Grab this offer before out it is of stock: Silk’n SensEpil on Amazon for $350)!
  • Me my Elos – The best IPL hair removal system you can find today. ‘Me’ is using the Syneron ELOS (IPL +RF) technology for faster sessions, less painful treatment, safer for wider skin tones. As a leading patent IPL + RF system, the ‘Me’ holds a premium price tag of $699. The ‘Me my Elos’ is also the only IPL system for home use with an official Facial Hair Removal Kit accessory. 

What we will describe here below, can be done with the TRIA laser system too (Tria will be cheaper than the two IPL machines), but note, that officially the TRIA laser manufacture does not approve the system used on facial hair.

If you do not have any IPL systems, do not buy one just for this purpose.. go to a hair removal clinic and get it done there, it may even cost you less.  Home IPL devices are worth the investment if you plan to remove unwanted hair from other parts of your body too.

The IPL device will quickly and safely pulse high energy light flashes at the hair causing, melanin in the hair to heat up and disable the hair follicle. This will result in mass reduction of hair growth, and when done properly and according to the recommended schedule reduce the hairs up to 90%!

But! It is also known that laser and IPL can not be done on white-blond hair, because when the hair lacks the melanin cells, the light has nothing to target, and no effect will occur. This is where part 2 ‘secret’ ingredient is needed for the permanent reduction of blond ‘peach fuzz’ hair.

Part 2 – Get a Natural Melanin Enhancer

How to remove peach fuzz hair from face by IPL
Click to Get - Meladine All Natural Melanin Enhancer, Peach Fuzz Hair Removal

Because the white-blond facial ‘peach fuzz’ facial hair does not have any melanin, it can not be a candidate for a safe IPL hair removal. Unless it will absorb natural melanin cells over the few weeks prior to the IPL or laser hair removal session!

You can search for any melanin enhancer, we recommend the ‘Meladine All Natural Melanin Enhancer’. Because it is FDA cleared (510)K as “Accessory to a Surgical Laser Instruments used for Hair Removal”. What the melanin enhancer does is when applied daily for 4 weeks before the IPL or laser session, it will enrich the non-pigment hair with natural melanin, so much needed for an effective treatment.

Meladine All Natural Melanin Enhancer comes in a spray bottle, (see pic) and a tiny squeeze twice a day regularly will enhance the melanin in the blond ‘peach fuzz’ facial hair. This means that the Medaline is another daily stage in your morning and evening facial care. This means patience.

Part 3 – Do a Safe Facial IPL Hair Removal

Once you follow the schedule on the natural melanin enhancer, you will be ready to preform the IPL or laser hair removal session. You will need to shave the hair before the IPL treatment, unless you have the ‘Me my Elos’ which has a shaver accessory (sold separately), the ‘Me Shaver’  attachment will shave the hair during the session so no special preparations is needed by you.

Clean the face from any lotions, creams and make up, the skin should not shiny nor wet, so the light energy can preform exactly as it was planned to do. Wear eye protection goggles, those can be found in the Me my Elos accessory Facial Kit, or bought separately.

Say Bye Bye to Your ‘Peach Fuzz’ Hair

During the following weeks keep treating the soft Vellus facial hair with the melanin enhancer, you will notice that the IPL treatment is effective as if it was done on regular hair. The reduction can be seen within the first few treatments. Note that results can vary, depending on hair tone, melanin production, IPL energy level used and personal skin types.


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