How To Use Tria Laser For Facial Hair Removal

Using Tria Laser To Remove Hair From Face?

Use Tria Laser To Remove Hair From Face Lets first announce we do not recommend the Tria laser to be used for facial hair removal! The FDA clearance does not cover using at-home systems for facial hair. There are too many risks and errors which can happen when doing home laser treatments on facial hair, that no one want to take any responsibility. Even the official Tria Beauty website warns not to use the Tria laser on the face.

If you would pay the hundred dollars per session to a Med-Spa or hair removal clinic, the laser technician there would treat your facial hairs. It is just the home systems which have these restrictions.

But a quick look at the hair removal forums will show that numerous women ask questions about using TRIA laser for facial hair removal. Many others share their stories about such treatments. So for all those who seek information regarding using home system lasers in order to remove hair from face, here is a quick guide, how to do it safely.

Know The Risks Of Using TRIA on Face

Tria laser is a great home system, which was actually the first ever laser FDA approved system for home use. The human face is delicate and there are risks when having laser light used over the facial skin.

Blindness – The most fearful problem is laser reaching the eyes. The laser light energy is powerful, even a small beam is enough to cause the melanin in the eyes to heat and get damaged! If you use Tria laser near the eyes can end up loosing your sight!

Pigmentation – The facial skin is usually darker than the body pale skin, because it is constantly exposed to the sun. When laser is done over darker skin tones, some discolored patches may show. If it was up the shoulder no one would care, but having dark or white patches on face can make you miserable.

Even if you think that laser is not that dangerous, or confident that ‘won’t happen to you’. Know that the main problem is that it is quite difficult to do self treatments over the face. You will need to use a mirror, and the cross movements make it an awkward session, that’s where laser accidents occur.

How To Use Tria Laser Safely On The Face

There are five different areas on the face, which are commonly treated, the chin, upper lip, sideburns, forehead and eyebrows. Because the main concern is about the danger to the eyes, areas which are not close to the eyes are just like any other area on your body. There is nothing unsafe doing laser hair removal at the chin.

Other systems (mainly IPL systems) allow to remove hair from the cheekbone down. So as long as you are far from the eyes there is no danger to the sight by doing laser treatment.

Make Sure The System Touches The Skin – By default the laser should not be emitted if the Tria sensors do not completely touch the skin. When doing laser over the face, press the Tria slightly just to be sure.

Skin Tone Complexion – If your skin is dark at the skin, skip the laser and do other hair removal methods (electrolysis). Note that even if your skin is pale, and you plan on upper lip laser removal, the lips tone is usually darker, so make sure you do not pulse laser on the lips.

Shaving – Remember that you need to shave before a Tria laser treatment. This can be more complicated at the sideburns or forehead hair removal, because shaving there would be easily seen, and can be embarrassing.

Treat In Small Areas Only – Doing a laser session can take time, and cause skin to heat and get red. For facial hair removal, plan to do a small bit each time, your arms would not get tired holding the device, the face will not become red, and the pain would be bearable.

Use Different Energy Levels – The New Tria Laser has 5 different laser settings, the rule of thumb for effective treatments is to use the highest level you can stand the pain for. For the sensitive facial skin, begin with the weakest level and go up.

Numb Facial Skin – There are several ways to numb the skin before a laser hair session. Using ice pack or applying some topical numbing gel, look for those which have Lidocaine. Be aware that the pain is a natural way for the body to warn you, if you numb the facial skin too much, you might be using higher energy level which you will not feel, and cause scaring or pigmentation damage to your skin.

Use the Me My Elos Facial Kit eye goggles & Instructions – Only Syneron company allow and support facial hair removal. Syneron (the hair removal industry giant) has released their Me my Elos home use facial kit. In this kit there are protection eye wear goggles and white pencil, with an instruction booklet for safe facial hair removal with the Me-my-Elos system.

Never Use Tria Laser Close to The Eyes

When it comes to eyebrow hair removal, you must be crazy to consider doing it with laser! There are better ways to remove hair from the eyebrows like tweezing, waxing or electrolysis. Having Tria laser flash between your eyes pushing your luck a bit too far, it is not recommended at all.

Unlike at the hair clinic there safety goggles are used, at home you have no protection at all.

Can Tria Laser Be Used For Facial Hair?

TRIA laser Facial Hair RemovalTria Beauty answer is NO, by the FDA, the answer is NO too. But still many do use the Tria laser for removal of facial hair. Though it is not recommended, when done carefully, it can be done. Once you know the potential risks, and understand the dangers, and if you are over 18 (or 21) you are responsible to your own body. So if you do plan body and face hair removal, using the Tria can be an option.

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