Dangers of Laser Hair Removal – 10 Risks !

A great deal of people think that laser hair removal is no more than a cosmetic process. The truth is those treatments are also considered a medical procedure, and have some dangers to them. It is important that you know all laser hair removal FAQ about laser hair removal safety procedures before you undergo such treatment.

Dangers of laser hair removal are exactly related to Medical procedures who involve some kind of danger and risks with some unwanted effects associated with them, no matter how minor they can be. While IPL laser hair removal is a minimally invasive procedure, and usually is less dangerous then other laser treatments, you should learn about dangers of laser hair removal.

1. Clients could encounter some short-term unwanted effects that are generally limited. These conditions could include bit of a reddening of the epidermis or local swelling that disappears within a couple of days. This kind of side effects are not dangerous, but are very unpleasant.

2. One of the Dangers of laser hair removalcauses localized damage to the skin around the follicle of the hair. Typical unwanted effects are itching, redness and swelling within the treatment place. Some level of pain, tingling and numbness is usually to be expected too. These types of side effects caused by the hair removal treatment probably will not last for more than three days. The main danger is that the erea will get infected and cause more agony.

3. Other dangers of laser hair removal is that those undergoing it will expose themselves in the sun less than a week before, or immediately following, their treatment, and might end up with irritation or burns as a result… remember the main dangers of sun tanning would be the ultra violet light which puts you in the risk for skin cancer.

4. In case you are on any medicinal drug prescription, you are required to let your physician know before the procedure takes place. Some medicinal drugs can reduce the results from the procedure. But that is the least of the risks. The actual Dangers of laser hair removal lies in the health risks related to mixing medications with the hair removal treatment. Like other medication mixed together this can put you in danger that some of the medication will not work. Your doctor should be aware of any medication taken before and during the laser treatments.

5. Dark skinned people or those that tan just before their treatment may even be subject to some dangerous severe skin burning. In order to help reduce this possibility, ensure you select a certified technician to perform the hair removal treatment. Furthermore just be sure you are a proper candidate for laser treatment. The darker the skin is the chances are greater that your skin is going to absorb more of the laser beam. Dangers of laser hair removal are the irreversible effect in case of skin hypo pigmentation it is not. Although there are some laser hair removal skin discoloration solutions, one main danger is to be left with white or light colored spots and pigmentation on your skin.

6. Dangers of laser hair removal may be harsh burns, mainly in dark-skinned men and women, as laser is immediately absorbed by darker skin. Many of the burns from this method of hair removal tend to be mild; however there are reports of extreme burns too. This kind of dangers usually do not happen in electrolysis hair removal treatments.

7. For some people dangers of laser hair removal will be awkward problems caused from laser hair removal may be the regrowth of wild hair in patches and blisters. Sore spots might also cause pain, aside from the unpleasant overall look.

8. You will find rare cases of significant side-effects such as reticulate erythematic, which is characterized by a long sustainable inflammation of the skin resembling a web-like design. These dangers of laser hair removal are a result of repeated sessions of laser hair removal. Using laser light at high power.

9. Major dangers of laser hair removal, though are very rare are the probability of blindness, if the laser treatment is utilized near the eyes. Laser can cause blindness when aimed at eyes. It is recommended to make sure all safety procedures are met when doing a facial hair removal.

10. Avoid tanning and the use of self-tanning sprays or lotions for four to six weeks prior starting treatment in order to reduce dangers and risks from over absorbing the light. The laser can sometimes either increase or decrease melanin production and make the skin around the treated place darker or lighter.

Those are the main dangers of laser hair removal, by proper study and seeking the best doctors and clinic, many of these dangers can be avoided.