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‘Hair Removal Guide’ Editor Naomi Torres

It will be difficult to find someone who was searching for reliable hair removal information and did not come across the About.com Hair Removal Guide . Naomi Torres is head of the Hair Removal Guide section at About.com, Naomi is writing and reviewing honestly and professionally dozens of hair removal systems, machines, creams, methods and techniques.

Professional Hair Removal Writer

Naomi began her career in the beauty industry in 1995, writing solely about hair removal since 2008! For many people Naomi Torres is a hair removal Guru; as she does not only write about hair removal, but she walks the talk too completing the training and testing to hold a Manager’s Cosmetology license.

Naomi Torres has kindly agreed to answer our top 10 hair removal questions. 

Question #1 – At what ages women begin to think about body hair removal?

That’s different for everyone. A lot depends on their culture and the environment where they live. If early on they have a good amount of hair or it’s very dark and it really bothers them or they’re getting teased also plays a big part. Some girls as young as 8 begin to shave their legs, but I think the average is somewhere between 11- 13. 

Question #2 – When do they decide to undergo a treatment?

If by treatment you mean laser, IPL or electrolysis that varies. But because of what girls see on T.V. and magazines, they often feel pressure to have hairless (and bump-free) legs, underarms, face and bikini lines. Parents of some girls that feel overly hairy, have a hormonal imbalance that creates excessive hair, or are getting teased about it take them for treatments in their teens, sometimes very early on. However, they should be cautious. We really don’t know the long-term effects of using laser and IPL when someone is still growing, and laser and IPL can stimulate facial hair growth in females.

Question #3 – Are there different reasons between men and women, for doing hair removal treatments?

In a nutshell, I think it’s basically the same- they don’t want to deal with the hair. But it hasn’t been until more recently that men have also felt the pressure be more hairless on their backs and chests. If the hair is gone or dramatically reduced they can eliminate or cut back on the expense and time of shaving, waxing and so forth. For men and women with really coarse hair it often goes beyond that. They’re sick of that ‘shadow’ they still see after shaving, or the side effects of hair removal like razor bumps, irritation, pimples and ingrown hair.

Question #4 – Which hair removal method is most discussed at the forums? What are the main questions about?

It has to be permanent hair removal and the products claiming permanent hair reduction that can be used at home. After that it’s removing hair in the bikini area. It’s been great when someone gets an at-home device and then updates us on how it’s working out for them. Good or bad.

Question #5- Would you recommend doing hair removal at home or at the hair-clinic?

Electrolysis treatments should always be done by a certified professional, never at home.

With laser or IPL that depends on the person and their circumstances. Some people admit they aren’t disciplined at home and don’t do the treatments when they’re supposed to, get off track and then don’t see the results like they could.

When the person has red or lighter brown hair they want treated then going to a clinic that has a variety of machines is probably the wiser option for getting the best possible results. Choosing a facility that offers a money-back guarantee and free touch-ups is always a good protection, because you really don’t know how you’re personally going to respond. But it’s crucial when the person has hormonal issues or has red or lighter brown hair, because they’re known not to respond as well to treatments.

 If the person has the right hair color and skin tone for a specific device without any hormonal issues, getting a laser or IPL home device may be a very good option and could very well save a lot of money over getting professional treatments. But they should only use the device per the instructions including only where the company says it can be used on the face or body.

 Question #6 – Which hair removal method is most favorable by you?

I love sugaring paste because it can remove hair as short as 1/16 of an inch and is made of all natural ingredients. There’s less pain sugaring than waxing because the sugar doesn’t stick to the skin as much and because the hair is removed in the direction of growth (with waxing it’s removed against hair growth).

Question #7- Which method (system?) had the most complaints about, at the forums?

They have pretty much all have had complaints either by email to me or in the hair removal forum. I would have to say Epila Laser topped the list.

 Question #8 – Do you have recommendation for facial hair removal method?

For men, their options are shaving, laser, IPL and electrolysis. They can’t remove it all from the root with waxing or sugaring unless they have finer facial hair.

Women generally have more options, but will often shave as well if their hair is noticeable. It’s not a big deal when men get stubble, in fact, many guys aim for that look. For women, these short-lived results are a problem along with the fact that shaving leads to stubble and makes hair appear thicker because it now has a blunt edge, rather than a naturally tapered one. I don’t ever recommend that women shave, but I know they do. So I say ‘Just do it right.’

Don’t ever use a dull blade, use a pre-shaving oil under a quality shaving cream or gel, rinse blade thoroughly between strokes and apply a moisturizing aftershave lotion, rather than an alcohol-based one. This will help them get a close shave and also minimize razor burn and ingrown hair.

 Threading is a great for women’s facial hair removal because it’s pretty affordable and can remove really short hair from the root, so it will last for weeks. If they can’t find it in their area, there’s always waxing or sugaring.

 If the facial hair is a really big issue, I highly recommend electrolysis because it has the best track record and doesn’t have the possibility of encouraging facial hair growth like laser or IPL.

 Question #9 – What do you think about chemical hair removal (creams and lotions)?

Honestly, I’m not a fan. The funny thing is I used hair removal creams as a teenager for facial hair removal before I knew about other methods. One time I got a bad chemical burn and had to go somewhere important with a somewhat scabby lip.

The problem with hair removal creams, in my opinion, is that the risks don’t outweigh the benefits. They only take hair down even with skin or maybe a little bit below skin level. So you’re getting comparable results to shaving, and shaving is much less riskier when done correctly. With the harsh chemicals used many people end up getting a chemical burn even if they fully follow the directions.

Question #10 – What is your personal message to people reading this interview with you?

Safety should always come first.  If you’re looking for professional treatments always go for a consultation, know who will be doing your treatments and their credentials. Choose a facility that is being realistic about your results and is more concerned about your safety and well-being than getting your money.

For a home product, do your research. For example, laser hair removal cannot claim to give permanent hair removal, only permanent hair reduction. Look for reviews on a variety of websites to find out how it worked on people with different types and shades of hair.  

Thank you Naomi Torres for sharing with us your thoughts and experience on hair removal issues. To read more articles about hair removal visit Naomi’s Hair Removal Guide at About.com. Even the experts between us will find new and interesting insights browsing there.

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