Me My Elos Syneron Permanent Infra-red Light [IPL] Hair Removal System

Me My Elos Syneron Hair Removal Review

The Me my ElosFor the first time a new hair removal home system brings two powerful technologies combined to help you remove your body hair permanently.  The new hair removal queen, read in this Me My Elos hair removal review about the system and the technology.

Post Updated – June 2013


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What is Me My Elos Hair Removal System?

Here you can review the new Me My Elos hair removal home system bringing a new revolution to the home laser hair removal devices. The me my Elos is a clinically proven home system for permanent hair reduction. You can now use this unique new Me Elos technology device at the comfort of your own home. Save thousands of dollars and skip the expensive laser clinics and the Med Spa treatments.

Unlike the regular question “IPL ? RF? or Laser ?” This new Me Elos hair removal home system mē is the total hair removal solution – With the new Me system you will get the safest and fastest way to permanently smooth beautiful skin. This new technology elōs is the first and only technology that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency energy). Developed by ipl inventor and patent holder (Dr. Shimon Eckhouse).

The main benefit for thousands of women and men around the world is that unlike the former hair removal technologies, this revolutionary Elos technology effectively overcomes the safety hazards and long treatment sessions limitations of both laser hair removal and IPL hair removal devices.

Me my elōs Technology

This Syneron Me my Elos hair removal system has a unique combination of RF and IPL technologies. When the person using the me my elos at home, the me home system generates gentle pulses of two targeted energies ! Why settle for either RF or IPL.. The combined pulses enables far better results for permanent hair removal. The revolutionary technology is that permanent hair removal can be achieved now with lower overall energy output and still with the highest level of safety and comfort.

Is Me my Elos Safe?

This Me Elos hair removal system is using highly safety procedures expected from a home professional technology hair removal device. The Me My Elos hair removal device is leveraging on safety and 10 years of proven clinical results.

Unlike some other home laser systems and IPL that can “bake” your skin red and sore, with the Me my Elos hair removal kit you will be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment. The elōs technology offers superior results with the highest level of comfort and safety for the widest range of skin and hair colors.

The Syneron me hair removal system can treat ALL skin tones more than other IPL or Laser machines. While TRIA and SensEpil can treat up to skin tone 4, the me my elos hair removal can cover ALL skin tone colors 1-6 including dark brown and black skin.

Which Body Hair Can The me my elos Remove?

(Updated 2103) Syneron mē my  elos can safely be used for hair removal treatment anywhere below the cheekbone. The new 2013 devices CAN be used for facial hair removal. There is a special facial kit accessory to make it even safer than it is. This new revolutionary hair removal kit is used to remove hair on the arms, legs, armpits, bikini area, legs, chest, abdomen and back.

Faster Treatment, Shorter Sessions

The mē offers the most convenient treatment (a full leg in less than 10 minutes!) with no preparations needed. When the me my elos is gliding over the skin, there is no worry exact hair shaft pinpoints aiming, no waiting fornew pulse to be prepared, no gels and preparations (shaving two days before..) Get the whole body treated at 30 minutes.

Me my Elos – Permanently reducing hair growth for all range of skin and hair colors.


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