HoMedics Me my Elos Hair Removal Overview

HoMedics Me my Elos System Guide

me my ELOS ultra pro hair removal systemThe HoMedics Me my Elos hair remover machine is a new hair removal release for the UK people. The HoMedics Inc. has been chosen by Syneron (the manufacturer) to be the official distributer of the Me my Elos hair reduction system in Great Britain.

The HoMedic Elos is based on the revolutionary IPL technology combined with RF (radio frequency) both emitting light and radio frequency to the best hair removal system developed ever.

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The HoMedics Me My Elos Overview

As you can see in the picture, the HoMedics memyelos system is a beautiful designed device with the Elos hand-piece fitting at the middle of the Elos base device. The system gets great results as seen in the clinical tests 89% of the women used the HoMedic Me my Elos system have seen dramatic hair reduction after only 4 treatments.

How HoMedics IPL Hair Removal Work

The secret of the Me my elos system is that it is using IPL flash light to gether with a continuous RF wave being emitted at the skin. The unique synergy of these two technologies, is what makes the Me my Elos so special, the IPL pre-heats the hair in the follicle, while the emitted radio frequency completes the destruction of the hair.

Since the IPL does not need to ‘burn’ the hair by itself, the HoMedics IPL is softer and less intense. This makes the Me my Elos safer for more skin types and less painful. The HoMedics Me my Elos reviews are outstanding, as the new technology is getting it’s attention.

HoMedics Me Shaver/Epilator Attachments

HoMedics Elos IPLThe HoMedic Me my Elos can be used with to optional Me my Elos accessories (sold separately) the Me Shaver attachment and the Me Epilator attachment. Both when attached to the Elos device allow a smooth glide and a double hair removal treatment, a prompt smooth leg with the shaver or epilator and a long term hair reduction with the Elos system working.

You can see that the Me shaver or Me Epilator can be used separately from the HoMedics hair reduction Elos, there are two buttons, the top one is for the Elos and the lower one is for the Shaver or Epilator, depends which of them is attached.

HoMedics Elos IPL Panel

HoMedics Me My Elos IPL + RFThe HoMedics Me Elos panel has to kinds of information for the user, the lower part of the HoMedics Elos panel is the Elos Level, it has three levels going from Low – Medium to High, these levels represent the HoMedics IPL light level. It is recommended to use the highest level you feel is comfortable for you, using the ‘high’ level at the hair removal session means the IPL is more effective.

On the top part of the HoMedics Me Elos panel there is the Elos Cartridge level. Unlike other IPL systems which cartridge is suitable for 750 pulses only (Silk’n SensEpil) the HoMedics me Elos Cartridge has 3000 pulses to emit before being empty. You can see the cartridge usage at the top part of the panel with the percentage going from 100%, 80%, 50% 20% and ‘Empty’. The Me Elos cartridge has the most pulses at the IPL category!

Where To Buy The Me my Elos

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Good luck, soon your unwanted hairs will be gone…