Me My Elos Shaver Accessory

The Me my Elos shaver is one of the accessories that are highly recommended for the users of the Me my Elos hair removal system. The new Memyelos hair removal device has a unique smart synergy of IPL + RF technologies, that preform the best hair removal process a home machine can achieve today. The Me my Elos Shaver and the Me my Elos Epilator makes this device even better!

The Me My Elos Shaver Revolution

While all personal home use systems are only for long term hair reduction (TRIA, DM 6000, Silk n’ SensEpil, Verseo eGlide, No!no! and more) And the customer will need to wait a few weeks to complete to full treatment plan to see results. But a person wants to be smooth right now? And short term hair removal is needed, the only option is shaving or waxing… The Memyelos Shaver brings everyone closer to the total hair removal revolution!

The Me my elos hair removal kit, is a long term hair removal device, with 89% success in the clinical tests for permanent reduction of hair within a few weeks. But what makes the Me elos probably the best hair removal system, is that it has long and short term hair removal solution in one device. While doing a long term removal session, you can get your body smoother for the short term too, so you are saving time, saving efforts and have less mess when using the Me my elos shaver.

Get The Me My Elos ShaverMe my elos shaver

(Last time I have checked there was no image at the Amazon’s product page, so you can see how the Me Shaver looks like at the picture here before you buy there).

No Preparation Before Treatments

No matter which home hair removal system you have or intend to buy, you will need some preparation before the treatment. If it is laser or IPL hair removal system, you will need not only to plan ahead the treatment sessions, but a day before, you will have to shave the skin. Both laser and IPL work best on shaved hair and not on hair which is left outside the skin epidermis (upper layer). So the whole process of IPL or laser sessions becomes a hassle of planning and shaving, and repeats it self twice a month for a few month until the treatment cycle is finished.

Well all this is now over!

Me my elos users do not need any preparations, no prior shavings and no planning ahead. The Me elos users just attach the Me my Elos Shaver to the hand piece, and start the treatment when ever they like. The Me my elos Shaver will shave the hair right there on the spot(!) before the IPL light flash’s on the hair. Unlike the competing cheaper systems where you need to press the device to activate it, the Me my Elos glides over the skin. You shave and the IPL + RF will do the rest.

When the Me my elos shaver is attached the IPL light + RF radio frequency, continue their synergy hair removal over shaved hair, just without any planning and preparations. If you have a spare 20 minutes, you take the Me box out, do a session and that’s it! You are shaved and treated.

Me My Elos Shaver

me my ELOS ultra pro hair removal systemThe Me my elos shaver and the Me my elos Epilator are both part of the new revolutionary way for hair removal. It is not about the strength of the beam or the process of the hair elimination, it is all about the convenience of user. When doing laser hair removal became such a headache people moved to IPL, when IPL became a hassle too, Me my Elos is taking its place. With fast easy no hassle Me my elos shaver and Me my elos Epilator, both attachments accessories for a pleasant fast hair removal session.

Get Yourself Me my Elos Shaver 

(Last time I have checked there was no image at the Amazon’s product page, so you can see how the Me Shaver looks like here, before you buy it there.)


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