Dm 6000 Laser Hair Removal Reviews

DM6000 Home Hair Removal Device Review

This DM6000 is the newest of the DM home laser series, this is an upgraded version of the DM4000 and the DM5000 home laser removal systems. The DM6000 laser hair removal kit is manufactured by the Biotechnique Avance company. It is one of the two laser removal laser systems sold on Amazon.

NEW – DM6050 an upgraded version of this product is now available.

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Biotechnique Avance Review

Since 1994 the company has kept its front-runner position in the field epilation and  dermatology systems. In 1998 Biotechnique Avance was acquired by a private multi-national investment firm with global e-commerce marketing experience. In 2001 the corporation came out with an entirely new generation of high-power semiconductor diode laser systems.
In 2005 they once again positioned themselves as the industry leader with the introduction of affordable Intense Pulsed Light systems for epilation, tattoo removal and general dermatology.
In 2009, the trend continues with a completely new line of more powerful laser equipment and the addition of the much anticipated IPL800, the most advanced, powerful and user-friendly Pulsed Light system available.

Corporate Offices:  Biotechnique Avance, NEWTON STEWART, DG8 8JD  United Kingdom

Company Fax 44-12-1275-6154, Company Phone 44-28-9002-2451

DM6000 Laser Hair Removal Overview

The all new DM6000 hair removal laser is a very powerful home use laser face and body hair removal system.

Pros– The DM 6000 is very simple for home use with the finger operated button. The DM6000 has a slim laser handle, with the fine pinpoint tip, this pinpoint tip makes it very convenient for delicate and precise hair removal.

The laser light power is powerful, this means it can produce higher rates of joules (light energy power) per cm squared. This means two main things, first you can scan the targeted skin surface faster, can move from follicle to follicle very quickly, making each session of treatment shorter. Second it means that a stronger zap of light will destroy the hair follicle.

The Biotechnique Avance DM 6000 laser has a pulse duration of 0.1 seconds with pulse frequency of 10 emissions per second. This means the beam is ‘reloading’ faster per second of exposure, so there is less need to treat a ‘single hair’ at a time.

Cons – First of all the DM 6000 design is not ‘sexy’, it has a cold medical look & feel, unlike the competitors which have a rounded colorful, user friendly designed laser system piece.

The second thing there is no ‘skin color tone’ safety check before the DM 6000 laser is produced, so if a laser beam is projected at a dark skin, unwanted laser side effects can occur. You will see the DM 6000 competitors (TRIA laser system and the Silk n SensEpil) both have a built in safety device that checks the skin color tone before laser light is turned on.

The third thing about the DM6000 is that the website of Biotechnique Avance is far from what is expected from a consumer support website. The DM6000 hair removal laser device it is actually not shown at the website… (?) they are updated only up to the DM4000 hair laser removal system. If you check this with the TRIA laser system and theSensEpil both have a unique informational sites with vast information on the product and FAQ, with video explanations and customer support.

Conclusion DM 6000 Hair Laser System

The DM6000, DM 5000 both are not as popular as the leading TRIA home laser system. The low user information and scarce product customer web support, makes the DM6000 more ‘risky’ for the home customer. Unfortunately there is less customer reviews, and less recorded results for the DM6000.

If you have confidence with the DM line products, have a light skin tone, and know enough on laser hair removal to follow the treatment plan by yourself, than the DM6000 has higher performance and will be able to deliver fine results.


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