Best Men’s Pubic Electric Shaver Review

Best Pubic Electric Shavers For Men

electric shavers for men pubic hairThere are many males electric trimmers for pubic hair removal. They come in all sizes and shapes, and usually from the leading electic shavers brands. So what makes one trimmer better than the other. The first thing to remember is that every man may have different expectations from his electric pubic shaver.

Some men wish to trim only the pubic hair bush, and need the delicate trimmer comb to be easy to ‘draw’ with. Other may expect to trim and shave the whole body and will need a stronger shaver more sturdy for males full body hair shaving.

The Best Pubic Hair Male Shaver – Cleancut Personal Shaver

This CleanCut Personal Shaver is designed for removing men’s hair from the pubic, underarms, and abdominal area. It is made in Japan (!) designed and engineered to be used for Personal Shaving without nicking or cutting. The Cleancut has a round end, allowing it to be used comfortable under the arms too, and over the men private parts.

The Cleancut ES412 consists of a slotted foil, moving as an interior rotating blade. The secret of these smart tool is turning fast enough so it can cut hairs easily, yet run at a slow enough speed that it doesn’t grab the hair and rip it rather than cut it. With a tough Japanese motor the Cleancut delivers what it promises.

Note – The Cleancut is not a trimmer, it will not cut hair longer than stubble. So for the perfect male smooth pubic you need to either blade shave first or get the Cleancut Trimmer.

Large Bush Hair Men TrimmerCleancut T-Shape Personal Shaver – Is one of the most favorite items for men, it is easy to handle and can shave the pubic precicly at needed. You can creat delicate lines and shapes down there with the T-Shape Personal Shaver.


It is recommended that baby / talcum powder (Get It Here) be applied to the area to be shaved as a dry lubricant prevents the foil from sticking to the skin. You will enjoy a much smoother close shave.

Try it – CleanCut Personal Shaver 

The Second Choice For Male Pubic Hair Shaver – The Body Bare

This is actually a set pack of the Body Bare shaverand Body Bare trimmer. Just like the Cleancut, shavers can only ‘shave’, so before your first pubic hair removal you will need to shave or trim the longer hair off. The Body Bare has a small round end tip, allowing it to be easily used at the bottom of the pubic hair without and fear for cuts and nicks.

It is important to be removing the pubic hair BEFORE the shower or bath, as the Bare body works best on dry skin. To make the skin even dryer and oil free, it is recommended you use some body powder on the trimmed pubic area, so the Bare Body Shaver could glide easily over and give you a close safe shave.

Why then is the Body Bare only second, well it is not Made in Japan… It comes with less ‘tradition’ as the CleanCut is the market leader for presonal shavers for many years.

See – The Body Bare Shaver Kit + Body Powder

There are more body shavers made for pubic hair, you can chose which one of them is best for you. There are two things to remember when thinking of a smooth bare pubic. If you shave your pubic every other day you will not need to trim it every time as the hair stumps will be small enough for the rotating blades to manage.

  1. You will need to pre-shave or trim the pubic area before you can use the pubic shavers, the shaver cuts only hair stumps. Many prefer to trim as it can done dry with not water. 
  2. Don’t forget to apply body powder (Sween Body Powder) over the pubic before the personal shaving, the rotating foil needs to glide on a oil free skin. Non of the combo deals do not include any body powder, those need to be purchased separately.

Panasonic Shaper and Trimmer

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and TrimmerThe best grooming gadgets are women’s gadgets… It’s true regarding the most favorite shape and trim for pubic line. There is a sleek small trimmer which women love (and we know women can be quite picky and suborn) and apparently women love the Panasonic Shaper and Trimmer.

If it’s works for them then heck it will trim mens pubic hair too!

  • 5 position guide allows for a perfect shaping and grooming
  • Eliminates razor and chemical irritation and reduces razor bumps.
  • Hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel blades are safe and extremely durable.

Get it here: Panasonic Shaper and Trimmer