Me My Elos System Epilator

Me my Elos EpilatorThis Me my elos Epilator is part of the world best hair removal device for home use, the Me my elos hair removal. The Me my elos has some cool attachments that add greater value to the hair removal process like the Me me Elos Shaver and the Me my Elos Epilator.

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The Me my elos is a IPL + RF permanent hair reduction system. The IPL pre-heats the hair, the RF (radio frequency) heats the hair till it is dismantled from further growth. The Me my elos Syneron technology is used at thousands of skin clinics and doctors treatments for aesthetics and skin treatments, with over 3 million Elos hair removal treatments being done each year around the world.

Me My Elos Epilator

The Me my Elos Epilator is an accessory that is attached to the Me hand piece and it epilates the hair just like any other epilator you can buy. What is so special about the Me my elos Epilator, is that it is saving all the preparations and shaving you used to have before a laser or IPL treatment.

With all the home lasers and IPL systems and for all the clinic and Med Spa treatments, you will always need to prepare and be ready a day in advance. This means you will need to shave or epilate the hair prior to the session. With the new Me elos hair removal system, all the preparations and planning are over, the only thing you will need is the Me elos Epilator or Me elos Shaver.

Epilating During The Me Elos Session

The Me my elos is not only about a superior hair removal technology, but it is about personal comfort. When men or women need to have two different sessions one for long term removal (IPL or Laser) and one for personal hygiene like shaving and waxing, this becomes time consuming.

Our lives turned to be much more stressed and scheduled than ever before, and time is scarce. So with the Me my Elos Epilator, men and women can achievetwo goals in the same session. The IPL + RF will treat the hair for permanent hair reduction and the Me Elos Epilator will keep legs or arms smooth like silk at the end of the treatment.

Me My Elos And Epilation

Me my Elos Epilator AccessoryThe RF radio frequency waves can penetrate to the deeper layers and does not need the hair it self to be exposed, so the hair from the top skin layers (Epidermis) can be removed with the Me elos Epilator while the radio frequency can destroy the hair in the lower skin layers at the same time.

Me Elos Epilator Conclusion

The Me Epilator is an Epilator machine with 2 speeds to be used with the Me my Elos hair removal device. The Me Epilator will be gently removing hair at the roots providing lasting smoothness on top of the permanent hair reduction. The synergy of the IPL + RF + Epilator enhances the user Me experience!

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