How To Use The Quartz ELOS Hair Removal System

Using Me Quartz ELOS Hair Removal

Quartz Me my ELOS Hair RemovalIn this review you can learn about using the Me my ELOS Quartz edition with the super MEGA  100,000 flashes lamp.

Currently it is the home system with the highest amount of flashes per cartridge. The Quartz system is designed for maintain a full body hair removal treatment and six years of follow ups.

Setting The Quartz Level Energy Level

The most effective level is the highest level. If you do not feel any extreme discomfort, you should use the the highest level. If you feel an unpleasant warmth, lower the ELOS setting one grade lower. When treating the face, begin with the low level settings and if you feel fine raise one level up.

Use The Me ELOS Quartz In a Gliding Motion

If you have experience with regular IPL or home laser systems, you may already know the stamp process most systems use. Where you are required to press the tip of the device to the skin in order for the light  to pulse. When using the Quartz Me my ELOS device, you will immediately notice the change.

The ELOS hand piece is used by a gliding motion like you would with a personal shaver. The flashes pre-heat the hair and the RF transmitter sends the radio-frequency right after. When both work in synergy, a circular motion is effective like any other. This allows the ELOS to complete any session in a fraction of the normal time it takes other systems to complete.

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Using The Me my ELOS Quartz Hair Removal System

Using The Me my ELOS Quartz Accessories

me my Elos hair removal shaver epilatorOne advantage of the Me my ELOS system is that it has additional accessories which make the whole process of hair removal at home a breeze. The Me shave and Me epilator both can be used simultaneous with the ELOS IPL lamp.

So the user can say bye-bye to the pre-shaving and preparations needed by other systems. Hair can be shaved then treated minutes apart.

The Me Epilator can be used to treat grey or red and blond hair colors. The plucking creates tiny microscopic damage to the roots, which is enough for the ELOS energy to attract to. This may not be 100% effective but it is the only option for these hair types to be treated by light.




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