Manscaping – How To Get Brass Smooth Balls

Manscaping Your Balls and Fun Parts

Manscaping - hair removal from your ballsMany women find hairy guys a turn off. They do not say it out loud, so the guy will not get offended, but in a nutsell, many woman do not like hairy bush when giving head. This mean that guys should consider getting some manscaping for private parts, if they wish to have more pleasurable sex.

There are many ways to remove hairs from balls and pubic, this time we will focus on hair removal creams which are designed for men.

Removing Men’s Hair

As you may know, men’s hair is much thicker than women’s hair. So most women’s hair removal creams, are too delicate to remove men’s hair. The women’s creams have a ‘funny’ smell and most of them will not deliver the expected results (for men).

Watch clip.. Waxing is out of the question when it gets to bare balls..

Painless Solution For Bare Balls

Shaving the balls with a shaving razor can be to ‘dangerous’, the skin is soft and uneven, and no one wants to risk nicks and cuts down there. A hair removal cream kit for the balls is the only possible solution, which is both fast and painless.

Each product has it’s own guidelines so make sure you read the attached leaflet. But the basics for most of them is quite the same. First you need to do a quick skin test to see that the lotion does not cause your skin any irritation. This should be done before you cover your privates with a handful of hair removal cream. If there is no skin reaction, you can proceed with the manscaping process.

  1. Wash the balls area with warm water.
  2. Dry the balls and shaft with dry towel (patting motion)
  3. Apply the hair removal balm.
  4. Wait for a few minutes as required by product guidelines.
  5. Rub cream (and the hairs) off with a dry cloth.
  6. Cover treated skin with a soothing cream.

Smooth balls hair freeThat’s it, congratulations, you have now got brass smooth balls and shaft. It’s time for fun and action.

There are hair removal creams for the entire body, and hair removal cream kits which many guys use for the balls. The balls kits are highly recommended, and you can check the comments to see how other men feel about the experience. Most of them found the kit helpful and effective.

Note, that leaving the cream on your delicate balls for too long may cause some burning sensation on the skin, so be precise when the cream is applied.

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