Remove Scrotum Hair

Remove Scrotum Hair safely

rp_Shaving-Hair-From-The-Balls-2-300x225.jpgThe removal of the pubic hair that grows on a flat stretched skin at the lower abdomen area is an easy task. Scrotum hair removal is a whole different story..

The problem with the scrotum is that the skin there is too loose. This makes most of the traditional hair removal procedures much more complicated. While many men ask “how do I remove the hair from my balls“, the answer is not that obvious.

Waxing Scrotum Hair

Unlike the pubic hair which grows from a stretched skin above the penis, the scrotum hair grows on the loose skin that covers the testicles. During the pulling off of the wax, the skin on the scrotum tends to stretch excessively, which creates a lot of pain.

Unlike other waxed places on the body (legs, arm, back or chest) where the hair is not too long, waxing the scrotum hair is harder, the hair is usually longer and coarser, which makes it even harder to remove with waxing. There is a special wax for sensitive body parts, but waxing it’s self is not recommended.

Shaving The Scrotum Hair

Tend Skin Balls After Shaving Treatment
No’ 1 Balls Post Shaving Treatment

Shaving the scrotum hair is a better way to remove hair than waxing. Actually this is the most common way, most men remove their unwanted hair.

Since the skin is loose and the surface is uneven, the shaving needs to be done very slow and delicately. Start from the base of the penis and shave downwards, try to hold back the skin so the razor blade can run smoothly as possible and shave the scrotum hair.

Shave with the use of shaving cream and make sure the razor blade is new and sharp. Dull edge razor will make the shaving a painful process, this plucking, nicking and hair pulling..

A little secret many people who shave private body parts know, is that you must use some kind of POST SHAVE skin care solution to help the skin from getting irritated.

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Electric razors and shavers

Norelco Shaver For The Balls
Norelco Shaver For The Balls

Since once you begin shaving you must repeat the procedure every couple of days, because the hair grows again.. and again.

Shaving manually with a hand blade razor is a slow time consuming, grooming fuss for men, when done on a daily/weekly basis..
One of the better solutions for men to remove hair from the testicles skin and maintain a clean smooth scrotum, is to use the help of technology.

Some Electric shavers (like Philips Norelco BodyGroom Pro) where designed to do a clean shave of the scrotum hair. They shave and trim the pubic hair, fast and easy.

They are safer than the blade razors and will do the job done without the cuts and shaving bumps.

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For fast and easy daily shaves get the Norelco Bodygroom it’s a wet and dry shaver, thousands of other men use in the shower, to make the shaving process hassle free.

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Laser Removal for Scrotum Hair

Laser hair removal (IPL – intense pulse light) can be a great way to reduce dramatically hairs around the gentiles. The Laser can remove scrotum hair in one session, and the results can last for month upon month. There are a few cons for this method. First its expensive (laser hair removal cost 300$-500$ ) second its embarrassing most men to lay down and have a female or male person beam their balls..

Though there are many home lasers systems for hair removal, most of them are designed and marketed for women, a male who wishes to be hairless can make a lot of use from them too, as the hair removal process with them will cost much less then going to the laser clinic treatments.

Men usually are afraid from having “laser” pointed at their balls.. many think laser light can cause cancer, and prefer have the testicles away from the laser light. This of course is not true, the lase does not penetrate deep into the skin, it just heats up the upper epidermis layer where the hair follicle is.

Hair Removal Cream For The Balls

Scrotum hair removal creamMany men fear using hair removal creams on the scrotum hair. They are probably right. Regular hair removal creams which were designed for the legs are stinky & smelly stuffed with harsh chemicals.

Using a cream like “Veet” on the scrotum can cause an irritation and burning sensation most men would want to avoid. But there are special hair removing creams which many guys use to remove hair from balls.

Nair Hair Removal Cream¬†– A system designed to take care of hairs growing on the male body. The official instructions mention only the legs, back, chest and arms. But if you go through the reviews or Q&A you will notice many guys use it for the “fun zone” also. Apply the cream over the skin, wait for 5 minutes and wipe off the unwanted hair.

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Nair Hair Removal Cream is an easy going lotion which makes hair removal down there a no-brainer. You can shop for it privately from Amazon.