Remove Pubic Hair – Men

Remove Safely Men Pubic Hair

Some men find that they want to remove the body hair at their lower body part. Why males remove pubic hair ?

Most men usually get rid of pubic hair for cosmetic reasons, a smooth silky pubic area seems cleaner for some men. It has been more popular somewhat because of porn movies, who’s actors usually have a hairless pubic area.

Some feel it improves their sexual feeling while having sex as the sensitive skin is bare from hair.

When the skin is bare from pubic hair can make a man’s erection look positively bigger. When pubic hair covers up part of the shaft, visually it can seem shorter..

You can learn here more on how to remove men pubic hair, all the methods, all the safety tips, take in mind that techniques that are suitable for women are not necessarily the best for men.

Brazilian Waxing Men’s Pubic Hair

Those Brazilian waxing for men are usually done at special cosmetics clinics and women’s spas. Most men probably will find the idea of showing their private parts to a total stranger (male or female) very embarrassing and uncomfortable at all. Waxing the pubic hair for men is not a pleasant experience.

The waxing itself is very painful ! First the hot wax is layered on the pubic hair like warm jelly. On top of it cotton cloth strips are pressed so they are tight on the wax and hair. When the wax is cooled, it hardens and is actually like a “cement” glue to the hair & cotton cloth strips. The next stage would be ripping hard the cloth strips away from the body – tearing the hair from its roots.

There are special wax kits for sensitive body parts, they are usualy sold for women, but if it’s good for them it is good for guys too, read carefully the instructions, if women can do it properly men can too. (See THIS kit here)

While arms and legs hair are short and soft easy to pluck, tearing away the pubic hair which is much longer is a torture, you do not want to try.. it goes the same for waxing the underarm hair.

Shaving The Pubic Hair For Men

Shaving the pubic hair is a common way to get rid of the pubic hair for men. If you plan to do it, just do it correctly and safely. Pubic Hair Removal for Men

  • First do not use the same shaving blade as you use for your face.. that’s totally not hygiene..
  • Use a new sharp razor blade every time you shave your gentiles, sharp blade will cut nice and smooth, without pulling hair and causing pubic rashes, pubic pimples and ingrown pubic hair.
  • It is best to do the shaving after a warm bath, when the area is well soaked, and the hair is softer.
  • Use a small mirror to help you see what you are doing.. so you can prevents cuts around the gentiles.
  • Use a shaving cream, or a hair conditioner to soften the hair some more.
  • One last tip ! When you are done, place some lotion to sooth the sensitive skin. (Get this balm)

If you choose to shave your privates, remember that there is a lot of ‘maintanence’ to be done, hair will grow soon as stiff trunks, which can be very itchy in the underwear..

Electric razors for the face may cause skin irritation in your pants you would rather avoid.

There are special Personal Shavers for Pubic Hair Removal too, like like the CleanCut  that is designed to shave men’s pubic hair and testicles, safely without nick and cuts, which means the area can be shaved smooth even every day.

Shaving pubic hair has one other advantage for those (men and women) who are playful and shave for the sensual aspects, they can shave sexy shapes on their pubic hair with pubic stencils that makes the process easy and steaming fun: Heart shape, Lightning shape, X shaped..

Laser Pubic Hair Removal For Men

The laser removal of pubic hair for men is a very good solution for men who are not embarrassed to have a laser clinic person work so close to their sex organs. In the laser treatment a laser light is beamed at the pubic hair follicles … The follicles absorb laser light energy and gets heated until the hair growth is disabled. The side effects can be a hint of redness… unlike the waxing of the male pubic hair, laser is less painful.

The results can be quite permanent for month and years to come. Some time another session is needed. The major down side is that men’s pubic laser treatments are costly.. A single laser pubic hair removal treatment may cost in a range of $320 to over $500.

There are many home lasers systems for hair removal, most of them are designed and marketed for women, a male who wishes to be hairless can make a lot of use from them too, as the hair removal process with them will cost much less then going to the laser clinic treatments. (Here is one of the leading IPL systems)

While many think laser light can cause cancer, and prefer have the private body parts away from the laser light. This of course is not true, the lase does not penetrate deep into the skin, it just heats up the upper epidermis layer where the hair follicle is.

Electrolysis Men Pubic Hair Removal

The Electrolysis pubic hair removal works when a thin needle is inserted to each and every hair follicle and a small electric pulse burns the root of the hair. The good part is that electrolysis is the true permanent hair removal method. After the hair root is destroyed no hair will ever grow there again. The procedure hurts like rubber band snapping at the skin or a static electricity shock. The main down side is electrolysis men pubic hair removal treatment takes very long time, as the pubic hair has to be removed one by one…

Here is a Home Electrolysis System – If you wish to be permanently hairless, it is worth the investment.

Pubic Hair Removal Depilatory Creams

There are several depilatory creams that help reduce body hair. Those depilatory creams are usually used on the legs and arms. since they are made from a very severe chemical ingredients most of them are not even safe to be used on the face.

There are some depilatory creams for sensitive skin, and for the removal of facial hair. The pubic area is a sensitive skin location, so the depilatory creams should be matched precisely for this body part. You have to look carefully at the products label to see if it is safe for pubic hair removal.

Pubic hair removal depilatory creams usually do not include scrotum testicles and too close to the gentiles. The cream substance can actually do a chemical burn on the skin.

Men who wish to get rid of the pubic hair have many ways to choose from, some are better than others, its all up to you.