How to Safely Remove Hair – Inner Thighs

Remove Hair from Upper Thighs

Laser hair removal from upper thighsNo one wants to walk around with curly hair on their legs or thighs. No girl or guy will say that thick black hairs on the upper part of the legs and thighs are a sexy look.

You might give your body a break at winter but when summer shows up, the skirts get shorter and the legs get longer – your thighs show in public. It is this moment to start looking for ways to get rid of excessive body hair in the inner thighs and upper leg.

There are actually two kinds of body hairs, the more thick, stiff, curly hairs that people (men and women) have on the head, underarms and pubic area is called Terminal hair. Men have more Terminal hair on the body. Men hair will be on the face (beard & mustache) and on the back, arms, legs and chest.

The silky soft light hairs called Vellus. These are hairs that grow on places where it looks there is no hair growing at all. The Vellus hair grows on women’s chest, back, face, hands, belly and inner thighs. Hair growth begins beneath the surface of your skin at a hair root inside a hair follicle, a small tube in the skin.

Getting rid of inner thigh hair safely

Because hair growth begins beneath the surface of your skin (at a hair root inside a hair follicle) getting the unwanted hairs for a more longer time is usually aimed at destroying the hair there, underneath the skin. The more home based treatments, which are cheaper and more easy to apply are the ones that remove the hair above the skin, when it shows from the hair follicle (the small tube in the skin).

Xmas gift 2015 Body System Rechargeable Wet & Dry Epilator1. Shaving upper thighs – it is possible to shave the hair, this is more recommended to remove hairs by shaving at the lower part of the leg. There the hair is more thick, and can be shaved easily. Shaving the inner thigh, can leave some unwanted effects.

The hair that was shaved by the razor (which probably had a soft hair texture) will grow in a few days as new stumps, more thick than the hair shaved. Because of the sensitive area, where the jeans is more tight on the legs, the rough feeling can be very annoying and the thighs will turn reddish and sore.

There are many silky personal shavers that can be very cheap to buy and use, and can keep the inner thighs smooth. (Here is a personal shaver which will do the job.)

2. Waxing inner thighs – Waxing is a better solution for the inner thighs, since it pulls the hair straight from the root, which leave the skin smoother than shaving and smoother for a longer period of time. The main thing you must consider before waxing the upper leg, is that the thighs are very close to the gentiles and the sex organs..

Hot wax can do some unpleasant burns when layered on the legs, leave deeper burns and scarring when placed too hot at the inner thighs (the skin is more thin and sensitive there), and cause real agony if over heated wax touch your gentiles even by mistake.So make sure to buy only Wax Kits for sensitive skin and body parts.

Veet-inner-Removal cream3. Depilatory creams for the thigh – Depilatories work quickly, they are easy to use, cheap and can be found in any pharmacy and online store. There are a few things to take in mind before using depilatory creams on the thighs. First, read carefully the safety label, not every Depilatory cream can be placed on sensitive skin, try to find depilation creams which are suitable for facial hair depilation .

If you do not have a cream yet, here is a cream for sensitive Bikini line.

The depilatory creams are severe chemicals that dissolve the hair itself, they can cause an allergic reaction, especially at the sensitive upper thighs. The best advise would be to buy depilatory which is safe on pubic hair, read product labels to find one that says it’s safe to use on the “bikini” area or genitals.

Xmas gift 2015 Body System Rechargeable Wet & Dry Epilator4. Epilators for upper thigh- just like plucking is pulling each hair at a time, epilator machines pluck hair in groups. You need to know the pain is surprisingly less at the upper inner thigh because the hair are thinner and can be more easily pulled away.

Wet / Dry Epilators – There are even Wet/Dry Epilators that you can use in the shower ! Like This Wet Use Epilator (see image) 

They cost usually more than the regular Epilators you know. Using Epilators right after the bath or even in the shower while the hair is wet and flexible and after a hot bath the skin pores are more open, all hair removal process is less painful and agonizing.

Epilation can cause ingrown of hairs, when the hair breaks inside the follicle. Red sore bumps will show after the epilation treatment at the thighs where the skin pores are irritated. Do not try to use epilator on the gentiles skin its to soft and the skin will be painfully pulled too, not allowing the hair to be plucked.

5. Electrolysis hair removal for the thighs – Electrolysis is when the clinic technician inserts a needle into the follicle and sends an electric current through the hair root, killing it. Since every hair has to be dealt with at a time, electrolysis is a very slow procedure, usually done for small specific hair removal. For example Electrolysis for the armpits can take 4 hours ! So Electrolysis on the inner thighs will need multiple sessions which means a very expensive costly side effect.. one thing important to say, is electrolysis is the true permanent hair removal procedure.

The Home Electrolysis Systems (Like this one: Clean + Easy Deluxe Electrolysis Home) prices vary from $35-$200 but since the hair removal is permanent it is worth the investment, the alternative will be goint to the Cosmetic Clinic which will cost more in the over all.

6. Laser hair removal for the thighs – Laser works best on light-skinned people with dark hair (skin – hair contrast) this combination will make treatment more effective. Most people have light skin tone on the thighs since its usually not a place that gets sun tanning like the arms and legs. Laser hair removal for the thighs is probably the most suitable removal solution for many.

Laser treatment can be done on larger skin areas, more quickly than electrolysis, less painful than epilators, and more permanent than waxing. It might be a bit painful because the skin is sensitive as you go up the thigh till the gentiles. The laser removal treatments are safe but cost a $200-$380 for EACH session. It might not have been so bad unless for the maintenance sessions (at least 6-10) which are needed for the hair grow to really decrease.

Using TRIA Laser Hair Removal SystemHome Laser Removal Devices – This is actually the most cost effective hair removal solution women have today. The technology has brought the lasers clinic Hi-Tech into a small compact home system. These are reliable, safe and easy to use. There is not much to know or learn before the home use (Unlike home Electrolysis!). Most of the good home removal system cost the same price..( $400-$500) like two clinic laser session. Here is the leading brand: TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4X Upgraded System  by TRIA Beauty.

7. Prescription medication for hair growDoctors or dermatologist some time prescribe medication or creams to help women deal with facial hair growth, those creams have active ingredient called eflornithine. The eflornithine mechanism of action like in the Vaniqa (Eflornithine) cream is irreversibly inhibits skin ODC activity, resulting in a reduction in the rate of hair growth. Rarely a doctor will give a cream for inner thighs hair removal, but it’s worth knowing its available for facial hair removal for women, (30 gram tube costs pharmacist $42) used twice a day.