Breast and Nipples Hair Removal

Remove Breasts & Nipple Hair

removing nipple hair bleachingResearch say that about 25 percent of the women have nipple hair growing on their breasts. Unwanted hair can deeply damage a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. This is a cosmetic problem, only the women knows about, but the shame of nipple hair growth and the sexual turn off that it might cause, is driving more women to learn how to get rid of hair on breasts.

What cause nipples hair growth

Hirsutism – when Terminal hair (the rough thick hair that grow on mustache, armpits) when this unwanted, male-pattern hair growth in women. This is cause by excessively high androgen levels. Hypertrichosis congenital or werewolf syndrome is a medical condition when there is excessive body hair and hair growth at places where are uncommon, this is generally due to menopause or other hormonal changes. Most women will encounter a few dozen hairs on each nipple, those nipple areola hairs some hairs get as long as 1 inch or more.

Temporary methods breasts hair removal

Tweezing hairs from breast– This is one of the most common ways of hair removal it is painful, but inexpensive. Women plucking out a hair by the root through tweezing need to know they risk an infection of the hair shaft and the potential of ingrow hair curling of the hair into the skin.

One little method some woman do not know is that there is a special gel that can sooth the nipple area before the tweezing. Apply a thin layer of “Soothing Gel” on areas to be tweezed. Wait 30 seconds before tweezing. The hairs “in-grow soothing gel” will make the tweezing less painful and minimizes redness and discomfort.

Breast and Nipples Hair RemovalShaving hair from breast – It is less painful than the plucking yanking hairs, and its not expensive. Even though shaving hair around the nipples is not recommended ! The after effect seems to be more miserable, you can expect the hair to be growing more thick and longer than the hair you had before. Having shaved hair growing coarser in your bra (!) is an unwanted effect, having your boyfriend or husband feel the shaved hair on your breasts is the women’s worst turn-off nightmare.

Depilatory cream for breasts hair – Depilatory creams (hair removal creams) dissolve the keratin in the hair shafts, giving a hair removal that goes just below the surface of the skin. Because the chemical substances are very severe, use only the hair removal creams for facial and sensitive skin. This facial hair removal cream has a fine tip, to do the nipple hair removal process you need.

Bleach Hair Bleaching Cream
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Bleach the nipple breasts hair – Bleach that has hydrogen peroxide will make the hair light and unseen. Although it is not actual removal, as the nipple hairs is a cosmetic issue, bleaching can solve the problem for those with less hair. Here is Surgi Invisi-bleach Hair Bleaching Cream a bleaching cream that can lightens face, arm and leg hair to an almost invisible skin-tone shade. For nipples use only products that are safe for the facial skin too. Take in mind, women with darker olive to black skin, should avoid bleaching the breasts area as it makes the hair more visible than before..

Waxing breasts hair for women – Waxing can be done on breasts, but is not recommended since the pain is severe. Pulling hairs from the areola sensitive skin can cause sore bumps, burns, infections and redness that last for a few days on your sexual feminine organs. There is a wax kit for private body parts “Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts” that might eliminate the hairs when done correctly.

Permanent nipple and breasts hair removal

Laser hair removal Vs Electrolysis hair removal – breasts

Laser hair removal for breasts– Laser removal works best on dark hair and light skin tone. Most women have a light skin tone on breasts but a darker skin tone on the areola around the nipples. Laser hair removal is NOT SAFE when done over dark skin, so it is not an option. Electrolysis is effective on any hair or skin tone color, as there is no light energy involved.

IPL is softer than laser, but it too may not be safe to be used over the dark aureola skin. Most IPL devices are not approved for dark tanned skin. If your aureola skin is more pink than brown, then the IPL may work for you too. Note officially the nipples and private areas are not approved for IPL or laser.

Mini Chic Me my ELoS ReviewThere are new devices which use ELOS technology (very similar to IPL, but softer, which use IPL and RF radio frequency) they are approved by FDA to treat dark skin. You will need the small precision device like the Me ELOS Chic system which can do the nipple area more precisely.

One of the main advantages of IPL and ELOS is that it can be done on large skin areas. So they are good to cover the arms and legs, the Chic device has a smaller window so it is better for small areas, like the nipple areola (if hairy).

Laser, IPL and ELOS hair removal are non-invasive, they are less painful on the breasts sensitive skin than Electrolysis. For long term results follow the recommended treatment schedule, six treatments spaced a two weeks apart are typically required for good results.

How much does laser breast hair removal costs ? If it is done with a home ELOS device, then it is the cost of the device which is less than $200. If the laser is done in a professional salon clinic, it can be hundreds of dollars more depending on the clinic.

Chic me elos hair removal IPLHome laser hair removal systems (IPL or ELOS) can remove hair just like the hair clinics and might cost less. Buying a home hair removal system to be used ONLY for nipple hairs is not recommended, and the temporary methods reviewed above are more cost sensible. If you plan to use the device to remove hair from underarms, bikini line and other places, then investing in the ELOS device would be a smart call. Click here to check more about the Chic ELOS hair removal device.


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Electrolysis breast hair removal – Electrolysis involves a needle passing an electric current directly through the skin to the hair follicle. Electrolysis hair removal breast preparation will be needed. Make sure the electrolysis prep numbing lotion will be applied to the nipple area before the zapping and killing the hair begins.

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method. Since every individual hair root has to be treated one by one – so it doesn’t grow back, the Electrolysis is very time consuming. It is more painful procedure than laser, but results will be permanent if done correctly.

Clean Easy Deluxe Electrolysis for hairy breastsHow much does Electrolysis breast hair removal costs ? Electrolysis is charged by the hour, and an hour can cost between $40 and $120.

There are home electrolysis systems they achieve professional results at a fraction of the cost, and are recommended for: Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Bikini, and specific body locations. For permanent hair removal at small specific body areas, the home electrolysis device can be the best solution.


Getting rid of hairs from the nipples is not difficult, it is not as easy as removing hair from the legs. The skin is very sensitive and usually darker than the surrounding breast skin. Though not many hairs grow on the aureola even a few of them are a turn off, for men and women. Make sure what ever solution you choose, to read the safety guide or label to learn how to do it safely.