TRIA Laser Hair Removal Reviews

TRIA Home Laser Hair Removal System Review


TRIA laser hair removal system review was done for those thinking of having laser hair removal at home and not at the laser clinics. Tria is the leader in light-based skincare treatments that are effective and safe for use at home.

All of TRIA laser hair removal systems are clinically proven and FDA-cleared. In this review we will try to summarize the information on Tria laser hair removal up to date.

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TRIA Laser Customer Reviews

While searching for Tria reviews, we found much more positive reviews and some what happy costumers than unsatisfied customers. The Tria laser system might not suit all hair removal challenges, but after reviewing hundreds of comments and customers reviews on the home lase device, the Tria helped many of them to reduce or even eliminate unwanted body hair.
After the positive and negative reviews on the Tria hair removal device, you will find more information like skin tones fit for Tria hair removal treatments, body locations recommended and dangers and hazards you might wish to know of.
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Important information regarding the use of Tria Laser Hair Removal System Reviews

Tria might not be the best system for everyone, here are some facts you need to know before you decide to purchase or use Tria home system laser.

  • The Tria laser body areas – legs, thighs, arms, stomach, back and chest. The large locations below the neck.
  • The Tria skin hair contrast – works best with light to medium skin tones and dark hair. Dark skin tones should not use the Tria.
  • Not suitable for – Light blond, grey, or white hair either, dark hair on light skin is the best combination.
  • Follow the treatment plan – While customers are disappointed from the results, in most cases it has nothing to do with the laser device, they simply didn’t follow the treatment plan as advised.
  • Shave before treatments – It is advised before the Tria laser treatment to shave the skin and apply some lotion.
  • Do not wax before a laser treatment.

TRIA 4 Laser Hair Removal CandidateTake in mind that the Tria laser treatment cycle is meant to destroy the hair only at the growth stage. Since at any given time not all the hairs are at the growth stage, the treatments sessions need to be done at time intervals of about a month apart. You need to be committed to follow through all the Tria Laser treatment plan.

For best results follow the tips and information on how to use TRIA home laser system, the information there will help you gain a successful session and treatment cycle.

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