How to Remove Hair From Neck (for men)

Neck Hair Removal Methods For Men

One of the most disturbing places hair grow on mens body on is the sides and back of the neck. Many men are looking for ways to remove hair from the neck because this hair can be seen when they are wearing any T shirt. We all know how embarrassing it may be to dress up real nice, but have thick hairs bush pop from the shirt’s collar neck line.

How to Rrmove hair from neck for menRead below to learn some of the ways men can remove neck hair. Some of the ways are simple and cheap but are for short term hair removal, other ways are more expensive but are long term hair removal solutions. The ‘expensive’ ways will request to purchase a professional home removal device.

Buying these machines just for neck hair removal is a waste of money, but as far as we all know those with a hairy necks have a hairy chest and back too, so the home removal systems can be used for chest, shoulders hair removal or back hair removal too! And in this case they are a bargain! The alternative is attending a ‘hair removal clinic’ sessions which will cost thousands of dollars!

Temporary Neck Hair Removal For Men

Neck Hair Removal – Shaving

The most simple way to remove neck hair would be to shave, but shaving is a very short term way, and it has a side effect. The re-growth of the hairs mean the hair will be itching and thick stems will be growing at the neck. Instead of manual ‘blade shaving’ you can try and use an electric shaver, these are much more convenient and require less hassle when it comes to neck hair shaving.

Neck skin is quite sensitive, for smooth neck hair shaving you will want a new blade and using shaving cream like no other. If you have never used shaving cream for body shaving, be ready for an extra smooth shave!

Neck Hair Removal – Waxing

This is a longer term hair removal method, most men try to avoid.. Waxing is painful, and though women do it everywhere (!) on their body, men tend to skip it. Waxing the back of the neck may mean using another helpful hands. Unlike shaving which can be done alone, waxing will need a friend to rip away the wax strips of the skin.

The best kits men can use, are those meant for women’s bikini line, because they are made for the most sensitive waxing possible. You will want to use a sensitive wax kit for the neck and upper back. This kit can be used for the shoulders too.

Neck – Hair Removal Creams

Using hair removal creams can be the most simple way for neck hair removal. The creams dissolve the hair chemically and cause it to fall off the hair follicle. These creams have a stinky chemical smell, so you will want to shower after placing them over the neck. Since the hair removal creams and balms are severe chemicals make sure to read the instruction label before you use it.

Just like the waxing kit, use hair removal depilatory creams for sensitive skin (for men’s hair).

Long Lasting Neck Hair Removal

For permanent hair reduction of the neck hair, you may need to use some home hair removal systems. These can be very effective for reduction of the neck hair and can be used for more body areas hair removal. The main ways for permanent hair reduction will be using IPL and Laser hair removal systems.

Laser & IPL Neck Hair Removal

Both IPL (Intense Pulsed light) and Laser, will flash an intense light or beam at the skin, where the light will be absorbed by the dark hair melanin. When dark hair is absorbing the light energy it turns into heat! This heat reaches all the way down the hair stem, and destroys the hair papilla cell.

The procedure is very simple, but needs to be repeated every few weeks for 4-6 times. The hair will either stop growing on the sides of the neck or it will grow thin and fragile, or even light instead of dark. The results vary from person to person, as it depends on the type of hair and skin treated.

Home Systems For Neck Hair Removal

Investing in home systems JUST for neck hair removal seems a waste of hard earned cash. Investing in a home system becomes worthwhile when they are used for a full body hair removal. The best systems you can invest in are the TRIA laser system and the ‘Me my Elos’ hair removal.

TRIA Laser

How to Remove Neck Hair With Tria LaserThe Tria laser system is the only laser system with FDA approval for home use. The Tria laser has a tip pinpoint where the laser beam is emitted. It may require another helping hand when trying to remove the hairs from the back side of the neck. With 5 energy levels and 2 safety sensors TRIA laser hair removal system – is the best laser systems for home personal use! The main disadvantage of the TRIA laser is that it needs a precise overlapping which can be difficult (impossible?) to be done alone on the back side of the neck.

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Me my Elos System

Permanent neck hair reduction with Me my ElosThe Me my Elos hair removal system, is the best home hair removal device a person can get. The system is using an advanced hair removal technology which includes IPL (light) and RF (radio frequency) to eliminate hair growth for permanent reduction.

The Me-my-Elos system advantages are that it is less painful than laser, it is safer to use on dark skin tones, and it is much faster to use. You can complete a neck session in 5 minutes where in laser it may require 30 minutes of precise overlapping. With the ‘Me’ men can do a total hair removal session in 30 minutes! The main downside is the price tag. The Me my Elos costs what’s it is worth…

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