DIY Totally Bare Hairless Body

Getting All The Body Hair Off – Totally Hairless

Many women and men wish to remove all body hair, from facial hair and down, getting a totally bare hairless body. This quest is including getting rid of hair on chest and shoulders back, arms and underarms, abdominal, pubic or bikini, thighs and legs.

Bare Hairless Body For Over $1500

There are several ways to lose all body hair, the most simple but expensive way will be to travel to the laser clinic or Med-Spa and get all body areas lasered away. It is simple.. if you have approximately $8000, and enough time off to have endless laser sessions.

The Second way may be to find an electrolysis center, and have all hair eliminated by an electrolysis specialist, this will also cost much, as the electrolysis is a slow precise treatment, and you will need numerous sessions (20 ?) be paying for each 1/2 hour up to $80.

DIY Smooth Hairless Body – YES You Can

Many people chose to loose the body hair by doing the treatment and sessions by themselves. In most places you might have read how to prefer laser on electrolysis or waxing on shaving.. but the truth about getting 100% bare hairless body is that it is recommended you combine some of the methods.

The process will cost you less than a $800 if you follow these tips to get the best results at the most cost effective way, (and least painful) hassle free way.

DIY Hairless Body – Laser + Other = $550

Ingredients: Laser home device, home electrolysis kit, for men back hair trimmer.

You will need to buy a home hair laser removal device, this will help you remove 80% of the unwanted body hair. The rest of the body parts will be eliminated with the help of other hair removal methods. The best laser hair removal system at home is the TRIA laser device.

You will need to do the laser sessions by a upon a fixed timeframe, as the laser kills the hair only at its growing stage, and returning session across a few month ARE needed. The TRIA can be used on all body hair from the neck down. This covers 80% of the body hair (chest, shoulders abdominal, thighs, arms, legs).

If you are a man, then lasering your back hair alone is impossible. So if you have no one to help you with it you will need a back hair trimmer, with long handle to reach all the back hair.

For the genital hair, laser is not recommended, and you may want to use a combined tactic – Shaving the pubic and then doing electrolysis to it. Since the pubic is small the electrolysis will not take forever to complete.

Facial hair cannot be done with laser by TRIA, you can use the electrolysis for chin, sideburns, eyebrows hair removal.

The Pros– Laser is easy to use, it is faster than electrolysis (which moves from each follicle to another..). After you complete the 6 sessions cycles you will reduce hair growth dramatically.

The Cons– The laser is not suitable for dark skin or red/grey hair color, TRIA can not be used for facial hair. Time consuming TRIA session takes longer than IPL, as the beam spot is much smaller. Back hair can not be self lasered.

Get – TRIA Laser or DM6000 Home Laser ($490)

Get – Home Electrolysis Kit ($40)

Get – Back Trimmer ($50)

DIY Hairless Body – IPL (Intense Pulse Light) + Other = $550

The ingredients: Home IPL hair removal device, hair removal creams.

These method is similar to the laser, but with one difference, IPL is a much faster way to remove hair, each session is quicker as the IPL usually has a larger light ‘spot’, so you will have less hassle at home. this is an important factor for whole body hair removal – The IPL will take 15 minutes, for an area the laser will need 40 minutes to complete.

Some IPL systems (Silk’n SensEpil) allow some facial hair removal, so if your concern is in the chin or sideburns or upper lips than with this IPl you are all set. For eyebrows, a simple home electrolysis kit will do. You can use special hair removal creams which are especially for the facial hair removal.

Veet IPL pro Home Hair Removal IPLBikini hair can be removed with IPL, but you can use the facial cream for bikini or pubic hair removal too.

The Pros– This is the fastest most convenient way to remove hair from vast body areas (abdominal, arms, legs), IPL can remove facial hair so no electrolysis is needed.

Get the Veet home hair removal system for total body hair removal.

The Cons– The hair reduced will be completed over a full cycle of treatments (6-8). Same as laser, dark skin cannot be treated, light hair tone or grey/red hair can not be treated either. Hair removal creams are not a permanent method, facial or bikini will need maintenance.

Man Groomer

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