Is Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz Safe For Facial Hair Removal?

Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz Facial Hair Limits

IPL6000Q Remington Pro Plus QuartzWhen checking which hair removal device is best for your needs, you need to ask yourself, what are my needs? Most of the hair removal devices are preforming well for some people and not as expected for others. So how can you be sure you will not be disappointed?

Determining the needs prior to ordering the machine online. For example if you have dark or even tanned skin, then the Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz is not the right device for you. It may even cause you skin swelling and blisters if you try and bypass the skin color sensor embedded in it.

If you know your schedule is tight and you do not have enough free time to complete lengthy treatments than the TRIA laser device is not for you. The TRIA laser has a small pin-point tip, and requires a 2-4 seconds pause between each pulse. In order to cover a square inch of skin you will have to do 25 pulses. To cover a full leg session you may need a free hour or more.

So knowing the basic specs of a device is one way you can reduce the risk included in buying these home devices.

Does your expectations from the Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz (IPL6000Q) is to help you reduce facial hair? If it is, than you should know that the device is NOT APPROVED to be used for facial hair removal. The Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz user manual says:

The following sites are contraindicated and were therefore
excluded from treatment: face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals, anus, eyes, eye brows, or eye lashes.


The former device IPL6000USA has these lines in the product manual (page 10):

“It is intended for use by women and men
on body hair below the neck, including
legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, stomach,
and arms. It has NOT been cleared
in the U.S. for use on the face, head, ears,
back or neck.”

If you are planning on reducing hair growth from chin, sideburns and or upper-lips, than this device is not to right device for you. It doesn’t mean it is not the right device for your body hair removal. The Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz has very good specs like an extended IPL light bulb compared to the former models, and a higher rate of hair reduction noticed after 3-6-12 month in trials and clinical tests compared to former models.

Why Is The IPL6000Q Not Approved For Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair is not the same type of hair as body hair. Most of our body has ‘Androgenic hairs’ which are thick, long, and dark, they can be easily treated with IPL. The facial hair is mostly ‘vellus hair‘ which is fine, has less pigment and is shorter.

In some cases trying to treat facial hair with light based products (IPL or laser) can result in some unwanted side effects like:

  1. Increased hair growth – The light stimulated the hair growth and more hairs which are thicker appear.
  2. Swelling, redness and blisters – This can happen when the facial skin is sensitive or dark/tanned.
  3. Pigmentation side effects – Either dark spots or white spots appear when the light treatment was preformed.

Most IPL devices including the Remington IPL6000Q (Pro Plus Quartz) have a large treatment window, 2cm² which makes them suitable to cover more skin with each pulse and thus complete each treatment quicker. When it comes to facial hair removal, the large treatment window becomes a disadvantage, because the treatment is less accurate for the small facial hair removal needs: Sideburns, chin and upper lips.

IPL on lips skin is totally forbidden and dangerous for you! The lips have darker skin tones and a pulse of IPL on lips skin means they will absorb most of the light intended for the upper-lip which can cause an immediate skin burn!

Be Careful From IPL6000Q Eye Damage

The same restriction is relevant for any Remington IPL6000Q treatment around the eyes or eyebrows. The treatment window is too large, and the light flash may reach the eyes. It is so intense that it doesn’t matter if the eyes are open or closed, the damage to the sight may be permanent! NO IPL or Laser is permitted to be used around the eyes!

Which Device is Approved For Facial Use

There are other devices which have approval for facial use. For example the TRIA laser user manual say:

Legs; Arms; Bikini Line; Underarms; Feet; Hands; Chest; Back; Stomach; Women’s Facial Hair (cheek line downward).

Note that the TRIA laser system is not approved to be used on men’s facial hair!!

ELOS Ultra Pro Hair Removal Home SystemThe Me my ELOS is the most advanced system today for body and face hair removal. The ELOS technology uses IPL with Radio-Frequency.

The ELOS Touch and Pro Ultra systems have special add-on to help you do a safe facial hair removal. You may find the facial attachment, (see image below) which is a narrow window for precise treatments of upper lips and chin. The facial kit has a pair of dark protective goggles to help you secure the eyes while treating the permitted areas (chin, upper lip, side burns) and a white pencil to cover any dark spots or skin to prevent accidental effects.

The Me my ELOS is also not approved for men’s facial hair or any treatment near the eyes.

me my ELOS Pro Ultra Plus attachmentsThe Me my ELOS has the largest IPL cartridge in the category! Compared to the Remington Quartz 30,000 flashes; good for up to 50 full body (lower legs, underarms, bikini line), the Me my ELOS has up to 150,000 flashes installed. So it means 250 full body treatments.

Click here to purchase the Me my ELOS and treat your facial hair.

The Me my ELOS has one more significant advantage, as it is the ONLY system approved to treat any kind of skin tone even dark, tanned and black skin. The Remington Pro Plus Quartz and the TRIA are both not approved for dark or tanned skin, and if used ay cause severe side effects. The ELOS technology manages to bypass this issue and is cleared by FDA for ALL skin treatments.

You can get HERE the most advanced home hair removal technology for body and face.

Skin Tone Chart IPL6000Q Pro Plus QuartzNo matter which system you decide to buy, make sure to read the user manual and follow the safety instructions.

The TRIA and Remington have a skin tone sensor which will lock the device (for your own safety!) if your skin is too dark. You can use these systems only if your skin is in the 1-4 types. The Me my ELOS will perform on any skin tone or hair color.