Can Remington IPL Laser UV Cause Skin Cancer

Can Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz Cause Cancer

IPL6000Q Remington Pro Plus Quartz and skin cancer risksIf you have been thinking to buy a Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz (IPL6000Q) and worry about the probability it can cause you cancer, then you can be calm. Non of the IPL devices or the home laser hair removal devices can cause cancer. Read below as we explain why these systems do not cause cancer. If you are troubled about skin cancer ask your doctor for more information, don’t settle for what you read here on in any other website..

IPL hair removal systems work in a very simple way, they emit intense light at the skin, the light is turned to heat when it meets any dark matter (the hair) once the hair is heated (zapped) the root is disabled and the hair growth either stops or slows down.

The Answer To The IPL and Cancer Question

The Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz use visible light spectrum. Visible light means its not Ultra Violet light. The UV is light which the eye can’t see.
This is the light which can cause skin cancer.
The UV light spectrum are:
  • Ultraviolet A = UVA 320 – 400 nm (nano meter)
  • Ultraviolet B = UVB 290 – 320 nm (nano meter)

A human eye can not see any of these light ranges. Any light which its wavelength is longer than that, is light we can see, which means it is VISIBLE light thus NOT ultraviolet light.

If we check the Remington IPL6000Q Pro Plus Quartz specs we can see that the light wavelengths are 650 – 1200 nm. So the Remington flash is in the visible light spectrum, and not UV light. So the answer the question in the headline, “Can Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz Cause Cancer?”
– No, it can not.

What Skin Cancer Risk Is Relevant To IPL?

Can Remington IPL cause skin cancerThe main risk for skin cancer is from the sun! The sun sends UV light every day, and this UV radiation is one of the causes for skin cancer. You should be aware of this fact and protect yourself from UV and sun light when ever you can.


Where does this issue meet laser or IPL hair removal? When treating the skin with light-based systems, the skin is overdosed by light. This may cause the natural skin defense to weaken.
The skin produce melanin cells which turn our skin tan. The melanin production is altered during IPL or laser hair removal treatments. So the skin is left with vulnerable protection.


If you expose your skin to sun light between and after IPL sessions then your skin is vulnerable to UV light more than regularly. This can accelerate development of skin cancer.
So the cause of skin cancer is NOT the IPL light, but the SUN light! The hair removal treatments just trigger the process if you are unaware or not responsible enough.


Read The IPL Device Warnings

The Remington IPL6000Q Pro Plus Quartz comes with specific warnings not to expose the skin before and after a treatment to too mush sun light. If you follow this simple rule you will be fine.


Protect Your Body From UV Every Day

It s smart to protect the skin from UV everyday and not only before or after a hair removal process. There are special clothing today which can block up to 99% of the incoming UV light. These clothes are rated by UPF fabric rating, which is like the SPF ratings for cosmetics.


UV_shirt_for_women_sun_block_protectionIf you do not have any UPF clothes, is is very recommended to have a few items (shirts and pants) these look like any other causal clothes and are manufactured by some of the largest clothes fashion brands.



Wearing them before and after IPL sessions is a very important upgrade in the skin protection from UV.


Notice the highest level of UPF is 50+, which means up to 99% of UV is filtered by the fabrics.