Remington IPL Pro Vs. Pro Plus Quartz (What’s The Difference)

Remington IPL Pro Vs. Pro Plus Quartz Compared

I found an interesting piece of information which is worth sharing with you. Many people wonder about the difference between the three Remington IPL systems. The Remington IPL hair removal devices carry a similar model type IPL6000USA, IPL6000F, IPL6000P, IPL6000Q. They have a different price tag, and even claim different effectiveness.

IPL6000USA Vs. IPL6000Q Pro Plus Quartz

The Difference Between The Remington IPL System

The most obvious difference is the device color, the former items are “copper” or bronze and the newest model (Pro Plus Quartz) is purple.

Another obvious difference is that the new purple IPL6000Q has a new quartz lamp, which is a major upgrade compared to the former lamp. The former IPL cartridge had 1500 IPL flashes installed and the new quartz lamp has 30,000 flashes. This is an impressive upgrade because 1500 flashes last for about two full body sessions.

It is estimated that 750 flashes are required to cover two legs, two arms, armpits and bikini line. 3-4 sessions are needed to be done to begin and see some results. This means 5000-6000 flashes required. The new quartz IPL cartridge can last for any treatments and follow up sessions without the need to replace the IPL lamp.

There is also a different claim about effectiveness. The Pro Plus Quartz suppose to deliver better results which last longer. The device says it can reach “permanent results” compared to the former devices which results last for 6 month.

All Remington IPL Have The Exact Same Specs

I found an answer their customer service gave an inquiry at their website. The question was, what are the different specs of the IPL lamp, which cause the improvements in the effectiveness. The answer was amazing:

For all IPL6000 products:
Fluence is 7 – 8 J/cm2
Pulse width is 110mS
Wavelengths are 650 – 1200 nm, 600 – 1200nm (facial cap)

They all have the same specs, same wavelength and same IPL pulse. So where did the improvements in the device appear and why do they cost differently if they are all the same except the color?

Apparently there is no difference in the effectiveness! The $199 bronze IPL6000USA is exactly as good and use the same IPL like the $350 Pro Plus Quartz. The only difference is that Remington has managed in the meantime to get the clinical trials completed, and had to release a new device to get an extended FDA clearance for their claims.

The new quartz lamp does add some value and convenience to the device, so the user doesn’t need to buy extra replacement cartridges, and the one installed can serve for a very long time.


Remington IPL6000USA I-Light ProThe hair removal results from all devices should be the same! Remington is not allowed to say that, because only the new Pro Plus Quartz was cleared by the FDA for the 12 month results. They all use the exact same light, and there is no difference in the intensity of the pulse..

You can get the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro from Amazon (see image) and expect the same results as if you bought the Remington IPL6000Q Pro Plus Quartz (purple).