Does Remington IPL Pro Quartz Work for Fine, Blonde Hair?

Can The Remington IPL Pro Quartz Remove Blond Hair?

Blond hair removal IPLThe newest hair removal model by Remington IPL is the IPL6000Q Pro Plus Quartz, which comes in a purple color (compared to the bronze color of the former models). Many people inquire about the effectiveness of the device on blond and fair hair.

The question is can the Remington IPL is the IPL6000Q Pro Plus Quartz remove fine blond hair? Unfortunately the answer is – no. The device works with IPL technology which is not suitable for blond hair removal.

The reason the Remington (or any other IPL system) can not remove blond hair, is based on the technological drawback of IPL. When removing hair with IPL, the device sends an intense pulse of light to the skin. When the any dark matter gets light, it turns into heat. So the dark hair gets an intense pulse of light, heat is created and the hair burns (zap).

What happens if the hair is not dark? It will not attract the light energy and thus will not heat. When no heat is created, there is no damage to the root and no hair removal process occurs.

Blond hair has little melanin and is not dark enough for the flash of light to turn into heat. So flashing IPL on blond hair will do nothing to the hair.

Why Pulsing IPL on Blond Hair Dangerous

Remington IPL6000 iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System,Pulsing blond hair means the light is not absorbed by the hair, so the intense light energy is absorbed by the surrounding skin. This is the main danger from treating blond hair. The surrounding skin will get the light flash and this result in redness, swelling and blisters.

All the available IPL systems like the Remington, Veet, Philips, Silk’n and TRIA can not treat blond hair. Trying to con the device is not very smart, it can result in skin burns.

Use ELOS Technology For Blond Hair Removal

Blond Hair Ginger Hair RemovalThe only hair removal technology approved for blond hair removal is the ELOS technology. ELOS stands for Electro Optical Synergy. The system emits a pulse of IPL (but weaker) and has a RF (radio frequency) polar bars which send a radio wave which can heat the hair regardless of it’s color.

The combination of IPL + RF can create enough heat in the hair that can disable it from growing. It is worth to know that treating blond hair will always be less effective than dark hair. Even the ELOS may have difficult time to create enough heat for long lasting hair reduction.

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You should have some patience until you see the expected results. The advantage of blond hair is that it is less noticeable than dark hair, so when it begins to fall off or grow thinner even any reduction is sufficient.


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