Removing Gray Hair By Laser at Home

Gray Hair Removal By Laser at Home

grey hair laser hair removal
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Today senior people by the age of 55 and 65 are aware of their looks and self grooming. They do sport, eat healthy look young and fashionable.

One thing which out of reach was doing laser hair removal at home. Not because of any safety reasons, but due to the fact that laser devices for home hair reduction, can not effect hairs without pigment.

The laser technology has not changes since the first laser hair removal systems were invented. They all use light energy on dark pigment which turns into heat to destroy the hair bulb. The technological upgrades to all laser systems were merely more battery life between charges, better display panel, lighter weight and nicer design.

Even the IPL invention was not a solution for people with gray or white hair. The IPL (intense pulse light) which works on a wider spectrum of light wave length, was not able to create heat in hairs with little or no pigment. So senior people, men and women had no option to do home hair removal treatments. They had to pay thousands of dollars to get it done in professional beauty clinics. Where series of at least 6 sessions (average cost: $75–$150) per each body area – Legs, Arms, Facial, Bikini and Underarms.

ELOS Technology Revolution For Seniors

The newest technology for home hair removal may be changing the way seniors choose to do home hair removal. The ELOS was invented by Dr Shimon Eckhouse an Israeli scientist which have also invented the IPL ten years earlier.

What is so unique about ELOS? The fact that ELOS combines two different technologies in synergy. The ELOS uses LIGHT energy + Radio energy.  The ELOS flashes wide spectrum light of IPL at the skin followed by RF (radio frequency wave) which are transmitted between two polar bars. The light energy is followed by RF energy and they both create enough heat to disable the hair growth.

How Elos Hair Removal Technology Works

Because the Radio Frequency does not need any pigment to heat the hair, ELOS is currently the only technology which can disable white or grey hairs.


Using ELOS At Home

Me my ELOS For SeniorsUntil a few years ago ELOS was available only at professional clinics for esthetics and beauty. With professional systems costing over $100K each.

The real revolution was that two years ago, Dr Shimon Eckhouse company Syneron managed to build a compact home ELOS hair removal device called ‘Me my ELOS’.

The Me is the first ever home ELOS kit, and was an immediate success. With features like ten times faster treatments, and more skin colors being able to be treated by the ‘color blind’ Radio Frequency technology. The Me was a global success with sells soaring in England and Europe.

At the beginning of 2014, the Me and the ELOS technology got the FDA clearance and approval for the US market. The Me Pro Ultra (third generation) is approved for treating all skin colors, even totally black skin, and all hair colors including grey, blond and white hairs.

Disclosure – Without the pigment in the hair, the process of the photo electric energy (light flash) is much more difficult! This means more treatments may be needed, and more patience required by the user toward the results. Luckily for the ME Pro Ultra users the system has 120,000 flashes installed in the IPL lamp (which is 100 times more than any competing device). Since 750 flashes are needed for one full body treatment, 120,000 are endless treatments are possible without buying new IPL lamps like required by other devices.

Grey Hair Removal Tip Using ELOS

There is one tip which may help those with grey hair get better results with the ELOS system. The tip is to use the Me epilator attachment, or use any epilator before the treatment with the ELOS.

When using an epilator prior to the ELOS treatment, the plucking of the hairs by the rotating tweezers, create tiny blood dots under the skin. The bruises are caused by the pulling of the hair by the epilator. Since these tiny red dots are darker than the surrounding skin and darker than the grey hair – They attract the ELOS light and heat the hair bulb down the shaft. This is not as good as working ELOS on dark hair, but it is better than doing ELOS on shaved skin with grey stubs in the hair follicle.

See ELOS Pro Ultra Device at Amazon

ELOS isn’t the cheapest device you will find at Amazon. But it is the only device approved by FDA for grey and white hair removal, and treating black or dark skin safely. It is the only device on Amazon which has 120,000 pulses of light and no extra cartridge need to be purchased down the line. It emits light faster than any other IPL or laser, completing a full body in 30 minutes while laser needs 1 hour per leg.

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