Removing Pubic ‘Bush’ Hair For Good

Permanent Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic Bush Hair RemovalWhen the summer arrives we all know it’s time to show off our body. One does not need to be a top model to be attractive. But even the most attractive body can be a turn off when the bush hair grows wild. No matter if you are wearing a bikini or a string underwear, trimming the pubic hair is one of the first things you may need to take care of.

Everyone knows how to shave the pubic bush hair, using soap and water or an electric trimmer, and withing a few minutes you are done. If you need you can find here valuable tips about shaving “down there”.

Removing Hair From Pubic Bush For Good

Waxing and shaving are both temporary. They require constant maintenance trimming over and over. For those who decide that they want a smooth clean pubic, the best option is to do “laser hair removal” down there, at home. It’s rather cheap, it’s easy, it’s safe and once hair cease to grow back it’s nearly zero maintenance.

There are three main home systems which can be perfect for pubic bush hair removal.

  1. TRIA Precision Laser (laser technology)
  2. Silk’n Flash & Go (IPL technology)
  3. iLuminage Presice Touch (ELOS technology)

They are all safe and secure to be used on bikini line and pubic hair. For the first two systems (TRIA & Silk’n) you have to be the right candidate to see best results. The ELOS is the most advanced technology from all three, and is safe for all skin and hair colors.

No matter which device you choose to purchase, you will need 4-6 rounds of treatments to see permanent reduction. This is because the Laser-IPL-ELOS all zap the hair in order to disable the bulb from further regrowth. And at each moment only 25% of our body hairs are attached to the bulb, and only they will be affected by the treatment. For this reason the treatments are set two three weeks apart, so new hairs which grow will be zapped while still attached to the bulb.

TRIA Precision Laser

TRIA PRECISION LASER REVIEWThis is our first choice for pubic bush hair removal device. TRIA is the first ever system to remove hair by laser at home, it is well known and has millions of satisfied customers all over the country and the world.

The ‘TRIA Precision Laser‘ is a new device which is extremely useful for beauty touch ups, and hair removal maintenance. It’s cordless, small and has a fine laser tip which makes it simple to use on small and precise areas like trimming the bush down between the legs. It should be the first choice for those with dark hairs growing over pale white skin.

tria precision Laser For BrazilianThe only downside is that it will not work for those fair blond pubic hair. The laser needs dark pigment in the hair to zap it, without the pigment there will be no effect at all.

Those with dark skin can not use the TRIA Precision Laser also, because the system has an internal safety lock which will prevent laser zapping dark skin to avoid skin burns. The heat will be burning the skin and not the hair.

As you can see there are two colors to pick from, chrome white or pink.

You can begin your process with the TRIAClick now to purchase the TRIA Precision Laser from Amazon.


Silk’n Flash & Go

Silkn Flash &Go Hair Removal DeviceOur second recommendation for precision hair removal system, is the Silk’n Flash & Go. This is a device manufactured by Silk’n corp. which was chosen as the best home hair removal system by thousands of readers.

The Flash & Go is small and comfortable to handle, it has a smaller IPL window than other IPL systems. It is faster than the TRIA, but for small area treatments this is not an issue. IPL is slightly less painful than laser, because it uses lower energy settings. compared to laser. Like the TRIA the Flash & Go will not be effective on blond fair hair with no pigment, and will be dangerous for dark skin. The IPL lamp has 2000 flashes installed.

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If you are planning to buy a home hair removal device just for trimming the pubic or armpits, than these systems above are the most reasonable devices. They cost $220-$300 and will be a perfect solution for all your hair maintenance.

They are less recommended for those who wish to do a full body hair removal, including the legs, arms, armpits, pubic (abdominal and chest for men). Completing these large areas with these small tip systems can be a long lasting awkward experience and may discourage even the most enthusiastic user.

If you wish to do a full body hair removal go for the bigger devices, not the compact one reviewed here. If you have dark skin (African brown or black, Hispanic, Latin, Indian, Middle Eastern) you need an ELOS system which is the only device safe for dark skin.

If you have fair blond pubic hair, than you need an ELOS system too, because laser or IPL will not be effective at all, and even the ELOS will probably require more treatments.

Iluminage Precise Touch (Compact)

This is the only system approved by FDA for dark skin treatments and for all hair colors treatment. The ELOS is the newest technology available today for home use. It is widely used at professional clinics with millions of treatments done with ELOS globally each year.

iluminage precise touchThe iluminage Precise Touch is a small and compact device, which has a narrow IPL window, this can be used for styling the pubic hair removal.

With the slim window, you can landscape the bikini line, if you want you can use it to remove the the whole body hair in no time.

Me my ELOS for pubic laser hair removalJust for your knowledge the ELOS can finish a whole body in 30 minutes when all the others need about an 30 minutes per leg.. The iLuminage Precise Touch has 150,000 flashes (!!) installed in the lamp. Enough for several years of maintenance. It comes with safety goggles for safer and secure treatments.

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