2 Questions Before Buying Home Laser Hair Removal

Before Buying Home Laser Hair Removal

Buying a laser hair removal to use at home is a very smart and cost effective deal. When done right it can save you thousands of dollars and lots of agony. But when done wrong, can waste your money and cause you frustration at best and skin damage in the worst case scenario. Here are two questions you should ask yourself to help you figure which device is best for you.

Are You The Right Candidate?

rp_261378_2750-Smaller-300x225.jpg99% of all laser hair removal devices can NOT be used by everyone. You need a special combination of skin AND hair color so that the home systems would be effective for you. To cut a long story short, you need a fair color skin & dark hair on your body. Any other combination like having tanned skin or blond hair on the body means that 99% of the systems are not for you.

TRIA laser system for example has a special skin tone sensors which will lock the system when used over dark skin. So millions of people who have dark skin, even tanned olive skin may not be able to use these devices. Further more using laser or IPL over dark skin can end in scarring and skin burns!

Being the wrong hair color candidate goes for blond, red, grey, white hair, 99% of the home systems can not disable their growth because the light energy needs a DARK HAIR to turn the light to heat. So 99% of home systems can not remove blond hair from the legs..

It will be a waste of money to purchase a device (TRIA, Silk’n, Remington, Viss) which will not be able to remove your hair, due to lack of pigment in the hair or over pigmented skin.

I have mentioned 99% of the home systems because there is only ONE technology today which is approved by the FDA to remove hair from ALL skin colors and ALL hair colors. It’s the Me my ELOS system. The ELOS technology utilize light and radio waves, which is safe for all skin colors, and effective on all hair colors.

Do You Have Plenty of Time

Doing a laser hair removal at home with TRIA requires lot of time. The laser tip is tiny, and each spot of the skin needs to be covered. It takes up to 3-4 seconds between each pulse. After 30 minutes of use the TRIA needs to be recharged. Recharging can take 30 minutes.. Doing a leg with TRIA laser can take an hour and half! For full treatment plan each body area needs to be treated 4-6 times a few weeks apart.

rp_2-me-elos-ultra-pro-system-300x277.jpgAny IPL device can do the treatment faster than TRIA ,  they still require 3-4 seconds between each pulse, but their IPL window covers more skin than the TRIA’s laser tip. Non of the IPL systems is cordless, so they can keep working until the job is done. Most IPL systems will complete a leg in 30 minutes, so prepare an hour to do both legs. Like laser the treatment should be repeated 4-6 times.

ELOS is even faster than IPL, ELOS does not have the 3-4 seconds elapse time between each pulse. The ELOS runs over the skin in a a gliding motion. It takes 30 minutes to cover a full body with ELOS! What takes other systems hours..

Check here for the latest Me my ELOS with the 120,000 pulses released.

At the current moment of 2014 the Me my ELOS is the favored solution for safe and fast home hair removal. Non of the systems remove hair forever. Some hair may grow back, it usually grows lighter and thinner. Me my ELOS is the only solution for dark skin and blond, red or grey hair color.

International Customers…

Flag UKUK Customers click here and read reviews about the Me my ELOS Ultra System at your local Amazon.co.uk store.