Why You Must Use Tria SmoothStart Calming Gel

Using Tria Laser Calming Gel

Tria's SmoothStart Calming GelHere are several reasons why you should use the TRIA calming gel for your home laser hair removal sessions.

You should not suffer to be beautiful. Many people are worried from the pain involved when doing laser hair removal at home. They are right, laser hair removal can be unpleasant especially when done over sensitive skin. The laser zapping can be described as a rubber band snap on the skin, though not too painful can be very uncomfortable for some. Using the Tria SmoothStart Calming Gel will reduce the pain felt.

When the zapping is too painful most people will reduce the energy level at their TRIA device or IPL machine. Reducing the energy level reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. Less light is emitted, and less energy is passed to the skin. So instead of reducing the energy level, reduce the pain you feel. Treat the skin at the highest level you can bear.

Numbing gels are usually used too by customers who buy the TRIA. Using numbing gels will cause the skin to be less sensitive, but when totally numb, the skin will not feel anything. This can cause some users to over treat a spot over and over, and they will not feel the skin burn they are causing (they will start to smell only when the skin fry). That is why it is recommended to use a calming gel and not a numbing gel.

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Using moisturizing creams before a laser hair removal is NOT permitted. The reason is that if the cream does not absorb fully, the laser may reflect off by the cream, or that the ingredients inside the cream will absorb some of the light and will reduce it’s effectiveness. This is why before each treatment the skin should be clean from makeup, and lotions – and dry. You can be safe only when using the┬áTRIA calming gel.

Tria’s SmoothStart Calming Gel is ideal for laser or IPL treatments.