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Is The TRIA Laser 4X Painful Buying a home laser hair removal is a great idea for permanent reduction of body hair. After a few treatments, when done by a planned schedule, most people will see a reduction in hair growth and may not have to shave as they have been used to. But doing home laser hair removal is not totally pain free.

Unlike IPL which has a milder zapping (actually it’s light bulb flashing), laser zapping is a very concentrated beam of light energy. While IPL use up to 3-4 joules per cm² of skin (per second) the TRIA 4x laser has an energy power of up to 24 joules per cm² per second.

The TRIA laser tip is very narrow compared to IPL, so all the light is focused on a single 1/4 of an inch. The TRIA 4X home hair removal system, has 5 energy levels, reaching from minor energy all the way to the 24 joules per cm² per second.

Is The New TRIA 4X More Painful

The TRIA 4X is not more painful than the former TRIA models (TRIA 3.0) but somehow more people who buy it, add LidoCream 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream, Lidocaine 4% to their Amazon order.

Some discomfort is part of doing laser hair removal at home or at a beauty salon.

The laser zapping cause hairs to heat and burn due to a reaction of light and dark color matter. Professional clinic systems use cooling gels, and air conditioning cooling devices to cool the skin as the laser technician works over the treated area.

Lowering The Discomfort Level Of TRIA Laser 4X System

There are number of ways to decease the discomfort (pain) level of the home treatment using TRIA 4X device laser. Note that you should follow the safety guidelines of the TRIA device and added safety instructions you get with the system.

1. Use ice packs – The most known way to cool the skin before and right after each treatment is to use ice packs. Placing ice packs over the skin for a 30 seconds before emitting laser on it, will cool the skin and numb the outer skin layer. When completing each skin area, placing an ice pack over skin can cool down the surface and relax the discomfort of the treatment.

2. Use Anesthetic Creams – Using anesthetic gels and creams can reduce the level of pain and skin discomfort. It is advised to read all the safety labels and instructions carefully. Using too much anesthetics can be lethal! Remember pain is a natural way of the body to keep it safe. Numbing the pain can cause someone to over treat at a specific spot and cause skin burns. Never wrap nylon over a skin which has anesthetics applied on.

Here is the most frequently bought numbing gel by TRIA customers – LidoCream 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream, Lidocaine 4%

3. Use Lower Energy Setting If Too PainfulTRIA laser 4X has 5 energy level settings. It is recommned to begin your treatment at the lowest setting and raise the level one step at time as long as you can stand the discomfort. Higher level means more effective treatment. But when treating sensitive skin, you might want to lower the level to be able to bare the pain, rather than to suffer skin irritation and burning heat sensation.

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Doing a laser hair removal at home with the TRIA laser 4X system doesn’t have to be a painful ordeal. Customer can decrease their level of pain and discomfort by using numbing creams.