What is The Difference Between Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Difference Between Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Difference Between Laser and IPL Hair Removal
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The question about the difference between laser and IPL hair removal is one of the most frequently asked questions in hair removal forums. It is very understood why there is so much confusion, all light based treatments are referred to as lasers, even IPL systems are sold as laser hair removal..

The IPL hair removal operates is very similar to laser hair removal, but the differences between IPL and laser are important before you choose which kind of hair removal technology you would like to use. In this post we will put emphasis on IPL and laser differences for home use only, for information on professional hair removal systems, you need to ask the hair clinic, as they each use a different type of system.

How IPL and Laser Are Similar

First lets see what are the similarities, so we could put them aside and focus on the difference. Both IPL and Laser are light energy which is flashed at the skin. The light energy works the same way to reduce hair growth. The light is absorbed by the hair dark matter (melanin) and is turned into heat. The heat then disables the hair stem from growing more hairs.

In both methods the root can be heated only when the hair is connected to the root. And due to the natural hair growth cycle 6-8 treatments are needed usually 2-3 weeks apart.

IPL and Laser – Light Energy Difference

IPL and Laser - Light Energy Difference
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Though laser hair removal and IPL hair removal both use light to preform the hair reduction process, they use different kind of energy.

Laser light uses a beam of light, usually at a very narrow wavelength. The wave length can be short or long (different color) which means it can penetrate deep into the skin layers or reach only shallow skin layers depends on the laser system. Most home laser systems (like TRIA laser, DM6000 laser or DM7000 laser) use a wavelength of 810nm (nano meter).

IPL hair removal use a wide spectrum of light, (so the flash is white) which can be from 450-1200 nano meter. This means it will not penetrate into one layer but pulse through all of the layers, but not as intense.

IPL and Laser Use Different Light Energy

Light energy is measured in Joules. Higher joules count means more energy is transfered to the skin. Higher energy means higher temperature.

Laser systems for home use usually use stronger energy levels.

Comparing IPL light and Laser hair removal energy
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IPL systems for home use, are using less joules per square centimeter. Most IPL systems have the same joule energy measured, between 3-4 joules per cm². The list of IPL systems with this energy level will include:

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