Viss Beauty IPL vs Me my ELOS

Compare Viss IPL to Me-my-ELOS Hair Removal

In this hair removal system comparison we will compare the elite hair removal machines the Viss IPL System vs Me-my-ELOS hair removal. These two systems are premium devices with long lasting reputation as leading systems. You can dig in the comparison, see what we have evaluated, and find which system fits your needs.

Viss IPL vs. Me my ELOS  – Brand Overview

The Viss is a Korean made hair removal system, it is based on the IPL technology which was invented by the Israeli Scientist Dr Shimon Eckhouse. Viss has a very strong brand name at Europe and internationally. They have a very good customer support (ask for Charles) with kind service and a professional response.

Dr Eckhouse (inventor of IPL) is the chairman of Syneron LTD the manufacturer of the Me my ELOS hair removal system. Syneron is the top manufacturer for aesthetic treatments machines, those used by dermatologist doctors and medical spa centers. Until 2011 Syneron was making only professional machines ($50,000-$100,000 each!), last year they managed to resize the ELOS technology into a compact home system – The ‘Me’ my ELOS.

Viss IPL vs Syneron Me my ELOS

Viss IPL vs ‘Me’ ELOS (IPL +RF)

Viss hair removal – Is using the IPL technology Dr Eckhouse invented, pulsing wide spectrum light at the skin to turn the hair melanin to heat. The heat destroys the hair stem cell, causing hair growth to reduce dramatically. Viss has a light energy of 3.8 joules per cm² at 530-930 nm.

Me my ELOS – The ‘Me’ is using the unique new patent by Dr Eckhouse the ELOS (Electro Optical Synergy) hair removal. The system emits both IPL light and RF (radio frequency) waves. The IPL energy is 4 joules per cm² (like the Viss) the RF adds 5 joules more per cm² – The Me my ELOS max level has 9 joules per cm²! 230% more energy than the Viss.

The Me my ELOS wins the technology comparison by knock-out.

Comparing Viss & ‘Me’ ELOS – IPL Cartridges

The Viss IPL cartridge has capability for 4000 flashes. The Me my ELOS has 120,000 pulses! So the ‘Me’ has hundred thousand more pulses for this IPL cartridge comparison.

The estimation is that a full body hair removal session will require 750 pulses. Full body includes: two lower legs, two arm and armpits and a bikini line. Annual hair removal will require 6 treatments, 4 as main treatment plan + 2 maintenance follow ups. With 4000 pulses the Viss cartridge will be good for 5 sessions while the Me my ELOS (120,000 pulses) will last for years before it needs a replacement.

The Me my ELOS wins the cartridge comparison too.

Viss and Me my ELOS – Safety

They are both safe for brown skin (using a low energy level),the Viss has 8 levels while the ‘Me’ ELOS has 5 levels. Both systems are approved for facial hair removal too, the Me has an accessory kit for facial hair removal. Both systems have the same types of safety measures.

Viss IPL vs Me my ELOS – Session Convenience

The Viss has a standard IPL session.

  • The skin has to be priorly shaved before each session.
  • The Viss IPL pulse repetition rate is one pulse every 3.5 seconds.
  • The treatment motion is  lift and press (stamping motion).

The Me my ELOS is a highly convenient hair removal system, th system users will not encounter the regular IPL cons. The ‘Me’ user experience is superior to all other IPL systems including the Viss.

  • No prior shaving needed! The ‘Me’ has two attachments the ‘Me Shaver’ and the ‘Me Epilator’ (sold separately). When they are attached the system shaves the hair during the IPL session!
  • The ‘Me’ my ELOS has a dazzling repetition rate of 2 pulses per second! 7 times faster than the Viss.
  • The Me my Elos applicator treats the skin by gliding over the skin continuously, with no ‘stamping motion’.

 A MemyElos full body session takes only 30 minutes! When there is no hassle and mess grooming the body becomes much more appealing. Hair removal was never truely easy until the Me my Elos. 

Me My ELOS wins the overall comparison..

Viss IPL vs Me my Elos Conclusion

Me my Elos Best IPL Hair Removal SystemThe Viss IPL hair removal system, is certainly a very good product, with many benefits compared to regular IPL systems. Like with all the other comparison done, when ever an IPL system has to compete with the leading Me my ELOS, the ELOS system has such a huge advantage, the game is over before it even started.

The Me my Elos vs Viss IPL – The ELOS delivers better results and better user experience. No other IPL system managed to get anywhere near it yet.

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