Viss IPL Hair Removal System Review

Meet The Viss IPL Hair Removal Device

Readers in the UK may have already know and met the Viss IPL hair removal system, but users in the USA have not encountered it. The Viss IPL hair removal system is one of the most popular hair removal devices in Europe and UK. In this Viss IPL hair removal review you can learn all about the system, read all the specs and features.

As we always do, in the following days, we will publish our cross-system Viss comparisons. You can check the Viss IPL compared to the Silk’n SensEpil, Remington IPL6000USA and the Me my Elos. Bookmark this site and come back!

Viss IPL System Overview

VISS IPL Hair Removal SystemThe Viss IPL hair removal system is using the well known IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to preform it’s long term hair reduction. The device has a base unit and a hand held applicator with the IPL cartridge lamp. Just by looking at the Viss you can’t miss the fact that it is sleek, designed and compact. It is designed ‘neutrally’ so it is appealing for men and women a like.

The best candidates for a successful IPL treatment, are those with natural skin-hair contrast, light skin tone with dark hair is the ideal contrast. The Viss IPL can be used for skin tones too types 4. Is treating type 5 (dark brown) skin tones safely is unclear.

Viss IPL Hair Removal Results

The Viss has a very good reputation, it has been known for years to deliver what it claims. Viss IPL treatment schedule is a bi-weekly sessions for 2-3 month. Once the hair removal schedule is kept, and based on personal hair growth, significant results are usually achieved.

Confusing Viss IPL Information Found

The official information is somewhat unclear concerning two issues: ‘Facial hair removal’ and ‘skin tones types’ which are safe to be treated.

The FAQ page say Viss can be used for “non facial locations”. At another place they say: “You can safely use VISS IPL for hair removal anywhere below the cheekbone”. Cheekbones are facial locations!

 At one place they write: Viss is suitable for “skin photo types I-IV” but at another place they say: “VISS IPL is NOT suitable for very dark skin (skin type VI). So skin tone V (5) safety is not specifically covered..

Viss IPL Hair Removal Energy Reviewed

Viss IPL home hair removal reviewsThe system operates by the same technology called IPL. This technology is using the fact that dark matter produces heat when exposed to light.

 The Viss has a wide IPL window, 6 cm² which means it can be easier to cover large skin surfaces in each pulse (compared to a laser pin-point beam). The IPL cartridge has 4000 flashes which is very generous, allowing 5 long full body sessions.

Is Viss IPL Device Comfortable To Use

The Viss hair removal is very comfortable and safe to use. It is small and compact, the IPL applicator is light weight and easy to work with on all body locations. The fact that the system is electric powered (not battery operated) means continuous sessions can be conducted without any down-times for recharging.

The system has a 3.5 seconds charging between pulses, which is standard for most IPL machines.

Viss IPL hair removal amazonThere is a skin touch sensor – which locks the Viss IPL from flashing unless the system is placed over the skin. So careless pulses at the eyes are avoided. The Viss is shipped with safety dark glasses, to protect the eyes from the repeating flashes which can be seen while treating the body.

The Viss IPL home hair removal system has 8 energy levels (most IPL systems have only 5) so the user can pick their exact level based on personal comforts and skin sensitivity. 

Viss Added value – The optional skin photo-rejuvenation cartridge. Viss have cleverly designed a replacement cartridge which has skin photo-rejuvenation capabilities. So Viss users cannot only get a smooth hair free body, but refresh skin layers too for a smooth and bright skin.

Viss IPL Conclusion

American men and women have the chance to try the Viss IPL hair removal system. It has the same brand strength like the well known and awarded Silk’n SensEpil.

The device is smaller and less bulky than regular IPLs, it has extended IPL cartridge which will last for 4000 flashes! Shipped with safety glasses and Viss has a very good customer support and informative website. We certainly recommend the Viss IPL system for safe personal home use.

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