IPL Hair Removal Cartridges Comparison – How Long Do They Last

How Long Do IPL Disposable Cartridge Last

Top home systems IPL replacement cartridge comparison. There are plenty of IPL hair removal systems for customers to choose from. Most of them have similar specs. One of the factors which need to be taken into consideration, is the overall costs of the complete treatment.

People who go to hair removal centers know exactly how much they are going to pay for 6-8 sessions. The professional hair removal can cost anywhere from $1500-$3000. But those who plan home hair removal treatments, will have difficult time trying to calculate the whole process. In this article you can read a comparison between the two main factors that have an impact on home hair removal costs. The IPL device costs and the IPL disposable cartridge costs.

IPL Replacement Cartridge Life Span

How long do Silk'n IPL Replacement cartridges last?When buying a home hair removal IPL system you must know the IPL flash lamp, has a limited flashes capacity. This means once it is emptied, it is useless and need to be replaced be a new disposable IPL cartridge.

IPL cartridge costs is like jet-ink printer cartridges, their price and capacity have a great impact on the long terms cost and expenses. Each IPL device is sold with a different cartridge capabilities. Some systems have a very limited cartridge while others have a generous IPL value for money. When calculating how long do IPL cartridge life last manufacturers have a “Full Body” standard which includes:

  • Two legs
  • Two arms
  • Two armpits
  • Bikini line

It is estimated that a ‘full body’ session would require 750 pulses of IPL.

Most IPL systems complete treatment plan require 6 sessions, done about two weeks apart. And 1-2 more sessions per year for keeping maintenance and eliminating new hair growth.

The annual IPL cartridge usage will need to be sufficient for 8 ‘full body’ treatments. Since each machine is sold with one cartridge the cost calculation should be –  1 Machine + 7 disposable IPL cartridges.

So the amount of IPL flashes for keeping a body well treated is estimated to 6000 IPL flashes!

Silk’n SensEpil IPL Disposable Cartridges

The Silk’n SensEpil has the most limited IPL cartridge life span. The Silk’n SensEpil IPL lamp (they call it HPL – Home pulsed Light) will be effective for 750 pulses of light. The 750 figure is the estimated number of IPL flashes needed for one complete ‘Full Body’ session.

The annual Silk’n SensEpil cost would then be: $450 for SensEpil (with 1 lamp) + $350 (7 cartridges a single cartridge) = $800.

Buying a single cartridge costs less than buying them through the combo pack ! Order 7 single lamps ($45) and not the 10 cartridge ‘combo deal’ ($470)

Silk’n Flash & Go Cartridges

Silkn Flash &Go Hair Removal DeviceThe Silk’n Flash & Go have a slightly extended HPL cartridge capacity, the new IPL system by Silk’n has 1000 pulses. And each Flash & Go system is delivered with 2 HPL cartridges.

Note that the Flash n’ Go has a smaller IPL spot size than the SensEpil (only 4 cm² vs. to 6 cm²). This means there would need to be 30% more flashes to cover the same skin surface. So the 1000 flashes cover the same area as the SensEpil 750 flashes!

The annual Silk’n Flash n’ Go cost would be: $300 for device (with 2 cartridges) + 6 replacement cartridges (4000 flashes) each cost $30 = $480

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Remington IPL6000USA I Light Replacement Cartridges

IPL6000Q Remington Pro Plus QuartzThe Remington IPL has a spot size like the Silk’n Flash n’ Go (4 cm²) but the IPL6000USA cartridge has 1500 flashes! The systems are shipped with 1 IPL lamp. The upgraded model is the new quartz IPL6000Q type which has a 30,000 flashes capacity.

Get the best value for money system is the new IPL6000Q with the 30,000 flashes.


Me my Elos – ELOS (IPL + RF) Replacement Cartridge

Me My Elos Replacement Cartridge reviewedHow long do the Me my Elos replacement cartridge last? The Me my Elos former models has a 5400 flash cartridge. The cartridge is not only IPL, but has the two Bi-Polar RF bars too, which add extra 3 Joules without adding any risk to dark hair tones. The Me my Elos has the highest level of energy power (9 Joules) for effective hair removal.

Me my ELOS Combo DealThe new models of the ELOS technology are the Me my ELOS Touch and Pro Ultra, they have an enormous amount of flashes each, 120,000-150,000 flashes!

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Some ELOS models even have 200,000 IPL flashes in each cartridge.

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How Long Do IPL Cartridges Last – Conclusion

Before you purchase your home hair removal system, you need to know what to expect. The replacement cartridge cost is part of the ‘deal’ because they do not last too long. If you know you need the system for partial hair removal (not full body) than the cartridge will last more.

People with thick coarse hair would need more treatments (at higher energy level) than those with thin Vellus hair.

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