SDL15 Laser Hair Removal Vs DM9000 Laser System

Compare SDL15 Laser to DM9000 Laser

In this review you can read about the two laser hair removal systems SDL-15 and DM9000 both designed and manufactured by Biotechnique Avance. Both systems are professional laser systems intended for hair removal procedures by Salon, Medical Spa and Dermatologist office.

SDL-15 Economy Laser Hair Removal System

SDL-15 Economy Laser Hair Removal System vs DM9000
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The SDL stands for Semiconductor Diode Laser. The SDL 15 laser has a high energy laser beam, which can reach density fluence: 0 to 54 Jcm2  (Joules Per cm²). This SDL-15 Laser has double energy than the TRIA laser systems which has up to 24 Joules Per cm².

The system has a unique laser beam shape 1 cm line optics. Unlike other laser hair removal systems which has a spot size beam, the wide 1 cm beam allows covering more skin surface which each pulse of light. The wide line beam is a drawback when coming to preform precise hair removal jobs like around the eyes or laser hair removal around moles and skin spots.

The SDL-15 Economy Laser has a high repetition rate of  1-7 emissions per second. This means the laser beam can be projected at high speeds and moved over skin faster than systems which have 1 pulse per 3 seconds rate..

The SDL 15 laser hair removal device have more features which are:

  1. Laser Beam Counter – Users can count and reset the systems before each session to know how many pulses have been used. This is important for Salon management with SDL hair removal systems when different people use the SDL laser machines.
  2. Level Intensity Switch – Users can adjust the laser intensity levels. Low levels are usually used on ‘dark’ skin types (3-4) otherwise the zap on the skin can be painful and even dangerous. Low level energy is also used on sensitive skin hair removal.
  3. Beam Pulse Per Second – The amount of beams emitted per second can be adjusted too, so on sensitive skin the energy is reduced but the repetition rate can be increased.
  4. System Lock – The SDL-15 has a system key lock, which can be both for children’s protection and safety, and also for a small clinic or Salon, so the machines aren’t used privately by others. 

DM9000 Laser Hair Removing System

DM9000 Hair Removal Laser Safety Review
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The DM9000 laser hair removal system is the new device in the Biotechnique Avance personal DM laser systems for home personal use. Unlike the Dm6000 or DM7000 laser, the DM9000 laser is not for personal home use!

The DM9000 is a very powerful laser system, which has an energy level which should not be used at home with nonprofessional users. The DM9000 system can emit 150 Joules Per cm² which is 3 times more than the SDL-15 ! Higher energy means more heat which may help reach better results (when done properly).

Except from the high energy level, the DM9000 spot size beam is a pin-point 2 mm beam and not a 1 cm line. This can be a disadvantage when covering large skin areas, a tiny spot size means slower sessions. The advantage is a very precise treatment, which can contour facial hair and skin spots when needed.

The DM9000 laser hair removal has the same machine features like the SDL-15 laser. Update (2012) there is a new Avance system, an upgraded version of DM9000 laser – called DM9050 Professional Laser System.

SDL-15 or DM9000 Laser – Conclusion

When the two systems are compared it might be difficult to place them on the same scale. The SDL15 laser is a professional designed system, with a laser beam that can cover large surfaces of skin very quickly. It might be the economy laser device for the small Medical Spa clinic or home business salon.

Buy the SDL-15 Laser Hair Removal System

The DM9000 laser hair removal is dispatched as a home system though the laser energy level is 100% professional! The tiny spot size makes it a slower solution to cover large skin surfaces, and better for delicate hair removal jobs.

The solution is not to choose between system A or system B.. The DM9000 can be a supplementary device for facial use, when the SDL-15 can be the main system for body hair removal.

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