Is The DM9000 Laser Safe For Home Use

DM9000 Hair Removal Laser Home Safety

Is the DM9000 Hair Removal Laser safe for home personal use? There are a few factors to consider if you plan to purchase a DM9000 Hair Removal Laser system. The DM9000 is sold at Amazon and other online retailers, and it can be bought by anyone for personal use.

How Much Laser Energy The DM9000 Emits

Light energy is measured by joules. The comparison is made by comparing the amount of joules per cm2 (square centimeter of skin), per second. This means how many joules of light does cm2 of skin gets per 1 second.

DM9000 Hair Removal Laser Safety Review

When reviewing the laser power level specs of the DM9000 system, it is clear that the system has the most powerful beam of lasers compared to all other home systems. It is so powerful, it seems that the system belongs to the clinic lasers segment and not the home-use segment. See the following light energy comparison:

Some of the home IPL hair removal systems use 5 or 6 joules/cm2/per second. Leading systems like the Me my Elos IPL +RF, the Silk’n SensEpil IPL hair removal both use very small amount of light energy. The new TRIA laser system is using 24 joules/cm2/per second for it’s laser hair removal needs.

The DM6000 laser system which was the direct competitor for the TRIA laser the last two years, has 92 joules/cm2/per second. The newest model from Biotechnique Avance the DM7000 personal laser system has 130  joules/cm2/per second! And the DM9000 laser system we are reviewing here has 150 joules/cm2/per second!!

Using The DM9000 Laser At Home?

The DM9000 laser hair removal system, is sold at Amazon UK for beauty salon, medical spa, medispa and doctor’s office. At there is no reference for this, and anyone can access the product page and order a professional laser hair removal system for his (or her) personal home use.

The TRIA laser and some of the IPL hair removal systems all have a FDA approval and clearance. This assures the users that the system they are using have been checked and evaluated by professional and found safe. The DM9000 laser hair removal system (and the other DM laser series devices, do not have a FDA approval or clearance for home use).

DM9000 Personal Safety Usage

The home hair removal systems have some safety precautions which are meant to prevent mishaps and personal damage while using the laser or IPL systems. The most common safety measures some home hair removal systems are:

Touch Sensors – to prevent the laser to be pulsed unless the hand device is firmly pressed at the skin. This can prevent a laser beam from being ‘shot’ at the eyes. You can find such precaution at the TRIA laser system, Me-my-Elos IPL, Silk’n SensEpil IPL and other home IPLs. Think of the danger and terrible accident which could occur if  a small child plays with a laser system at home – without such sensor!

Skin Tone Sensors – These sensors are placed at the side of the IPL window and they measure the skin tone color to check if the skin tone color is light or dark. Pulsing laser or IPL flashes on dark skin may cause painful skin burns. These sensors are found at the TRIA laser system, Me-my-Elos IPL, Silk’n SensEpil HPL and other home IPLs.

While these safety sensors are a must for home use, they are not needed or used at the professional laser systems used at the beauty salons, medical spas, and doctor’s office. A professional user would not treat a dark skin and would not pulse a beam by mistake to a patient eyes.

The clinic systems need a high rate of light pulses so they can complete a treatment in less time. Using such safety sensors means a personal home user needs to wait 2-3 seconds between each pulse until all sensors are confirming the next pulse. The DM9000 laser system has a key-lock which needs a key to be oparated.

DM9000 Laser Is Not Safe Enough For Home Use

The DM9000 laser hair removal system has non of the above home -use safety precautions sensors. From this it can be learned that the manufacturer does not mean them to be used at home. Without these safety sensors skin areas such as chest and armpits are difficult to be treated safely without someone else doing the treatment.

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