DM9000 Hair Removal Laser Review

DM9000 Black Box Hair Removal Laser

This is the latest hair removal laser system In the Biotechnique Avance’s diode laser DM series. DM9000 hair removal laser is sold at Amazon but it is mostly intended as an advance laser system for the small salon clinics. The DM9000 hair removal system has higher performance features than the former personal lasers – DM7000 laser and the DM6000 laser system devices.

In this DM9000 hair removal laser review, you can learn more on the DM9000 laser system, and find out if it is the right laser system for your salon needs or for your personal usage. Note, we have not tried the DM9000 system yet, but have done a research to bring you the most up to date information to help you decide.

DM9000 Hair Removal Laser Specs

DM9000 Hair Removal Laser Review
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DM9000 name is taken from the watt power it has 9000 mW (1000 mW = 1 watt). The DM9000 has diode laser with 808nm (nanometer) wavelength. Which is in the red light spectrum.

The DM9000 Hair Removal Laser can be proud to deliver energy level laser of 150 J/cm2 per second! This is even higher than the outstanding 130 J/cm2 per second which is delivered by the DM7000 personal laser hair removal system! It is much higher than the regular home system lasers, those approved by FDA are cordless and achieve 24 J/cm2 per second.

As far as the DM9000 laser manufacture Biotechnique Avance’s it takes over 30 J/cm2 per second to be able to preform a true elimination of the hair, so most of the competing systems are less effective, unable to create enough photo-thermal heat to destroy the hair.

The pin point laser wand, emits a 2 mm laser beam, which can be very useful for delicate facial hair removal (Do not try to do it alone!) the thin (powerful) laser beam is so precise it can be used to contour eyebrows and eliminate specific hair growth without hammering the skin with a light beam wider than 2 mm.

The DM9000 Laser System Standard

The DM9000 has the same improvements that the DM7000 new laser system has. It has a pulse counter, which counts the amount of laser pulsed used. This is effective for small salon clinics who rent this system to their clients for home use. The clients can continue some follow up treatment sessions for specific areas at home, and pay for the pulses used.

There is also a dual intensity control, which can be used for different skin sensitivity areas. Either a lower energy with higher repetition, or higher energy of laser but less times per second. The idea is that the same amount of energy per second is delivered (efficiency) but the client will feel less pain when the lower energy is used.

The DM9000 arrives with protective eye-wear, and two bottles of topical cooling gel (for pain management), and carbon dye (for increased effectiveness). You get with the DM9000 system a pair of epilation tweezers, to pick out hairs which have been treated or which have not been shaved prior to the treatment. Be sure to read the instructions guide carefully before using the device.

DM9000 For Beauty Salon or Med Spa

The DM9000 is a hair removal system for beauty salon or for a medical spa – The power of laser (150 J/cm2 per second) belongs to the professional machines which usually cost $40,000-$100,000. Those huge laser hair removal machines produce hundreds of joules per second, and have cooling systems which must be used to avoid pain and skin burns for the clients. The DM9000 laser hair removal system a device which can bridge between the expensive professional versatile lasers and the simple home use needs to remove hair effectively.

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