DM7000 Laser vs DM6000 Laser Hair Removal

DM7000 Laser Comparison to DM6000 Device

In this short review you can read some about the main differences between the new DM7000 laser hair removal system to the former DM6000 laser hair removal. There is no doubt that with each upgrade the home hair removal systems gets better, with each manufacturer trying to outrank the competitors. TRIA laser had upgraded their home device to the TRIA 3.0 model this year too, and Biotechnique Avance are doing the same. Here we will compare the DM7000 to the DM6000 laser hair removal.

NEW DM7050 Laser Was Released By Avance (2012)

DM7000 vs DM6000 Laser Power Energy


DM7000 Laser Hair Removal Vs DM6000 Laser System
The DM7000 Has More Laser Power & More Features, it is Certainly An Advanced Professional Hair Removal System

The most obvious upgrade you can find within the DM7000 is the mind blowing laser energy it emits. It seems the manufacturer ‘Biotechnique Avance’ stretches the limits of the home device diode laser in the DM7000 system.

The DM7000 can produce 130 Joules/cm2/sec of laser energy, this is 35% more than the 96 Jcm2/second of the DM6000 laser system. There is a direct connection between the laser energy and the heat produced at the hair follicle and the efficiency of the laser hair removal process.

The DM7000 with the higher laser energy, can heat and cause better destruction to the hair down the follicle. Lower energy devices, like the TRIA laser which have only 24 Jcm2/second, will cause heat but less damage to the hair compared to the high joules systems.

The main question I wonder, is the extra power the system delivers is really needed? Can it be that 96 Joule are not enough? That higher 130 joules are needed?

DM7000 Laser Wand Vs DM6000 Hand Piece

The DM7000 puts emphasis in publications on the 2mm laser beam of the system when held 1 inch above the skin. But when you check the DM6000 laser system features, you can see that the former system had the same feature. So there is no real improvement in this specific feature.

DM7000 Device Improvements Over DM6000

DM7000 Laser Hair Removal System Compared To DM6000
The PULSE COUNTER (right) DUAL INTENSITY Control Switch (left)

There are some improvements which can make the DM7000 laser hair removal system, a better investment for the small clinics, and Med Spas. The DM7000 manufacturer Biotechnique Avance knows that the system, though sold for home use, is really a professional system, for hair removal clinics and home hair removal businesses. The added features are to add value for these customers:

PULSE COUNTER – The DM7000 laser system not only pulses laser light beams, but also counts them. This feature might help some people follow a precise treatment plan, and know who much light they have been pulsing. This can also help to manage a body areas treatment plans when treated again.

The main benefit of this would be to the small clinic operator, to know how much pulses is done on each customer, how long does the system last until it needs replacement. If the system is lent to the customer to complete some local hair treatment at home, the amount of pulses can be counted.  

The DM6000 system does not have a pulse counter, so if it is given to a customer for home use, the clinic can never know how much it was used.

DUAL INTENSITY Control – The new DM7000 laser is set with two build in features for faster and more convenient treatments. The switch at the DM7000 system controls the intensity level and the repetition too. The DM7000 laser user can choose 5 high energy pulses per second or 10 half intensity level pulses per second. When treating a sensitive skin, switch to low energy high repetition, when treating a tough coarse hair (legs or arms) use the high level option.

DM7000 Laser Vs DM6000 Kit In The Box

When you order DM7000 laser hair removal kit, you receive in the box also hair removal accessories which make the hair removal much more efficient and safe. The DM-7000 personal laser hair removal system comes with:

  • Protective Eyewear,
  • Tweezers,
  • Carbon Dye
  • Dermal Plast

 (These will not found at the DM6000 box, so they need to be bought separately).

DM7000 Vs DM6000 Conclusion

The DM7000 laser device gives higher value for money when compared to the offered DM6000 laser system. The DM7000 comes with higher energy options for treatment, and improved features for the home user and Med Spa clinics. The system is powerful professional clinic device, though sold as a personal hair removal system.

Updated 2012 – The NEW Avance DM7050 was released! Check the upgraded system below:

Get Your DM7050 Personal Powerful Laser System