The NEW ‘Me my Elos’ Facial Hair Removal Kit

Using The NEW Me My Elos Facial Kit

A new solution has arrived from Syneron the Me my Elos IPL hair removal leading company. Syneron released a new Me Elos facial kit for home use.

The issue with facial hair is one of the most troubling things when it comes to hair removal. Having excessive hair growth at the armpits or legs is not pleasant but it can be managed in many ways.

Having an excessive facial hair growth is a real cosmetic problem which can turn into a psychological problem. People with unwanted facial hair growth may suffer from lower self esteem feeling unattractive. Facial hair is much more difficult to hide and more difficult to eliminate, without leaving other traces (scars) which in can be more problematic than the hair growth itself.

Facial Hair Removal Kit – MeMyElos Overview

Me My Elos Syneron Hair Removal NEW FACIAL Hair Removal KIT Since the MeMyElos hair removal IPL + RF was launched at mid 2011, it was immediately positioned as the best hair removal technology offered for the personal home use. The advanced ELOS technology was used until then only at the doctors clinics and professional hair removal medical centers. Syneron company has managed to reduce the size of the large machines into a comfortable home system, which was top of its niche since the first day it was launched (that’s why it is sold at premium price also, as it is not a ‘regular IPL system).

But the advanced system had the same fall back like all the other IPL systems, it had no answer to the facial hair removal user requests and safety needs. Until now no other home hair removal systems either safe nor fully supports it system to be used for facial hair removal. For some systems it is officially forbidden like the Tria laser, (read here more on TRIA laser facial hair removal).

At the end of 2011 Syneron has released another accessory to the Me my Elos hair removal system – Me My Elos Syneron Hair Removal NEW FACIAL Hair Removal KIT. For the first time ever users can find accessories for personal home removal for facial hair!


Who Can Use ‘Me My Elos’ Facial Kit

Though the facial kit is sold for anyone to use, there are some basic guidelines to follow for a safe facial hair removal. First of all the user needs to have the ‘Me’ hair removal system. If you do not have the Me my Elos yet, you can find it HERE.

Skin Tones – The Me my Elos hair removal system can be used for skin tones 1-5, when it comes to facial hair removal the requirements are the same – NOT to use over dark skin! Type 6, which is completely dark/black skin.

How To Use The ‘Me Elos’ Facial Hair Removal Kit

If IPL flashes are done over dark skin (like lips) skin burns may occur, if IPL flashes are done too close to the eyes, sight damage can occur! If IPL flashes are done over moles or tattoos burns can occur too.

The NEW Me My Elos FACIAL Hair Removal Kit should be used every time facial hair is treated! The new ‘facial hair removal kit’ will protect the eyes and facial skin from IPL light side effects.

The Pair of Goggles – These protect the eyes when IPL light is used over the face. It does not matter which facial hair is treated, the goggles should be used every time! The Me my Elos protective goggles are dark goggles which allow to see toward the front, but protect the eyes from the sides. So when removing facial hair the session can be done in front of a mirror.

White Concealer Pencil – Because the light is attracted to dark matter, heat and burns may occur when the IPL is used over lips, moles, dark skin patches and facial tattoos. The white cover pencil should be used to cover specific dark skin areas, to allow the wide flash lamp window to be worked without causing skin damage.

Use Not Around The Eyes – The Me protective goggles protect the eyes from intense light flashes coming from the sides. The My My Elos is not to be used to contour the eyebrows or between the eyes! Use the system from the cheekbones down, this includes: The chin hair, upper lips, cheeks and sideburns.

Remove Hair Before Treatment – Like the body hair removal sessions, you need to remove the hair above the surface of the skin, to allow all the light to be absorbed by the hair stem inside the follicle. The Me my Elos accessories, Me Shaver & Me Epilator can be used for a treatment without prior preparations.

Me My Elos Syneron Hair Removal NEW FACIAL Hair Removal KIT

Get The Me My Elos Facial Kit HERE

Me my ELOS Facial Hair Removal Kit – What’s In The Box

When unpacking your facial hair removal safety kit, you will find:

  • 1 Me my Elos IPL Lamp Cartridge
  • 1 pair of goggles (A MUST using ME on your face!)
  • 1 white marker pencil
  • 1 instructions booklet

The Me my Elos IPL Lamp Cartridge is an extended cartridge with 5400 flashes! (1800 flashes more than the former Me IPL lamp!). The Me cartridge can be used on all body areas for a full body hair removal treatment!

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