Financial Problems? Laser Hair Removal Solution For Low Budget

Cheap Laser Hair Removal Solutions

When the financial depression is knocking the door, it is time to rethink some of our personal expenses. Having a tight budget does not mean we necessarily have to walk around like our hairy ancestor apes. It just mean men and women need to think how to remove body hair at lower costs and with a low budget. Professional hair removal usually means paying thousands of dollars and a lot of time consumed in numerous sessions at the Hair-Removal-Clinic.

A simple inquiry will prove that a full body hair removal plan can cost up to $3000 (or more) depends on the clinic’s style and location. A single session can cost $80-$120. With about 6-8 sessions needed you will be starting at $480-$720 for legs hair removal only.

If a skin care center offers prices which are very low (or too low) you may want to double check the place, the technician, and the equipment. Nothing is for “FREE”.)

The good news is that you can reach similar results at home, with some of of the new hair removal systems sold over the counter at online retailers such as Amazon. There was a leap in the hair removal technology, which scientists have been using to make compact and safe home kits, who will deliver similar results as the huge fancy clinic systems.

You can read below some of your options for cheaper solutions for body hair removal.

Cheap Laser Hair Removal Option

The most cost effective offer to day for full body hair removal, is to purchase the Tria laser system. The Tria laser is a personal laser system, with full FDA approval for home use. The Tria laser is a simple hand held device, which has a laser emitter at the tip, which has similar ‘Laser Hair Removal’ abilities you get at hair clinics.

Tria Laser = Cost Effective Laser Hair Removal

Low Cost TRIA Laser Home Hair Removal The advantages of using the Tria laser hair removal system, is that once you invest the initial costs, it is yours for ever, and you can do as many hair removal sessions as you need, with NO extra cost.

If you have read some information on laser hair removal, you may already know that in order to succeed in thermal-optic (laser) hair removal numerous sessions are needed on each skin area. The laser + hair melanin create heat down the hair shaft to the hair stem cell. If the hair cell is destroyed, the hair will not grow again.

There is only one problem.. In any given moment only 20% of the hairs are connected to the stem when they are at the growing stage called Anagen. So if the laser has treated 100% of the hairs at a session, only 20% will be really eliminated.

This is the reason both cheap systems or advanced and expensive laser equipment, need 6-8 sessions for long term results.

Low Cost Laser Hair Removal – What To Expect

It is important to know that people have different hair color tones (brown, black, dark blond), people have different types of of skin (oily, thin, tanned, dry), people react differently to the zapping pain of the laser, people skin sensitivity varies too. Some people are precise and follow the treatment plan exactly, others fail to proceed in the time-line schedule.

Cheap Laser Hair Removal at Home Tria People who do low cost laser hair removal at home will see results!

Some will see complete hair reduction (90%-100% results), many will notice 50%-70% hair reduction over 4-5 sessions, and some will not notice any significant change (20% hair reduction).

Working with the low cost home system require precise overlapping and delicate hair hunt. Missing areas mean no thermal reaction will be done at the stem, and hairs will continue to grow.

When doing low cost home hair removal with the Tria Laser system, users see the hairs grow thiner and lighter. So instead of thick dark hairs, a thin weak hair may grow instead.

The Cons Of Low Cost Home Hair Removal

TRIA LASER 4X Skin Contact SensorThe disadvantage of Tria Laser is that the sessions are slow. A leg treatment can take up to an hour.. Hair Centers use laser that can pulse a beam at a much higher rate, so the treatment there is faster than at home. Professional lasers use a much higher energy beam compared to them the Tria is a ‘toy’. Professional lasers can reach 200 Joules while for personal safety the Tria Laser emits 24 joules only.

Paying thousands of dollars for a hair clinic, means you will be truly committed to the schedule and the nice staff will make sure you arrive to your next appointment. There is less ‘style’ in home treatment with the kids and the cooking, and no time for lengthy sessions. There is no doubt that hair clinic is much more ‘fancy’ and comfortable, but this comfort costs thousands of dollars compared to the $400 of the Tria laser hair removal system. Check here to see the TRIA laser 4X newest hair removal system price at


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