33 Best Tips For Hair Removal Ultimate Results

The Best Tips For Laser Or IPL Hair Removal

Below you will find the best tips for laser or IPL hair removal at home. These tips where collected for you from numerous sources, from several home laser or IPL hair removal manufactures. These hair removal tips create a rather large list, and some tips may not fit all hair removal products or each recommended treatment plan.

My Me my Elos Hair Removal SystemConfession

You will see for yourself the common sense behind each tip, and the recommended device for better results. If you see that the device I am recommending again and again is the Me my Elos… Then you are right, and I need to confess.

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Best Hair Removal Tips List Lets Rock n’ Roll

  1. Prepare Skin– Laser or IPL should be done on clean skin only – Make sure you remove creams, lotions, balms, deodorants (speed stick), makeup, body oils, perfume, piercing etc. They shine, they glitter, they reflect light, block light, moist the skin… Rinse body well before IPL or laser session.
  2. Dry Skin – For less pain dry your skin well before laser/IPL session – Do a session on dry skin only.
  3. Cool Skin – Laser and IPL turn light into heat. Heat causes pain. Cool down your skin before laser or IPL session. Rub Ice, place cold towel on skin minutes before you begin.
  4. Cool Skin 2 – For less pain, do not take a hot bath or shower before treatment. If you do, wait a while or cool skin.
  5. IPL Warm Parts – In most IPL machines the lamp window area may warm up after few minutes of light pulses. So begin your treatment at the sensitive skin areas before the warming effect takes place. (Heat = Pain)
  6. Shave Skin – For best results shave a day before. For best shave take a hot shower (that’s why you shave a day before). If you have the Me my Elos than you do not have to shave a day before 🙂
  7. Shave Skin 2 – Use a clean new blade it will shave you closer and with less irritations. Better tip will be to use an electric shaver, their blades to not touch the skin. Me my Elos has an attachment called Me Shaver.
  8. Light Energy Level – All systems have 3-5 levels – Best results will be achieved at the highest level (it will be the most painful too).
  9. Plan Your Session– Begin the hair removal session at your most sensitive skin location, because if your skin was chilled it will be less painful there, later on the skin temperature will rise and the light will be felt more.
  10. Underarms First– Holding a 2lb (1 kg) hair removal device steady for 10 minutes is tiring. Finish underarms and your arms can now ‘rest’. If you have the Me my Elos the device weigh less and you do not have to be steady, just glide it.
  11. Underarm Removal Method – Do underarms in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing, you need overlapping! And you can see in the mirror the green light for skin contact.
  12. Women Back Hair Removal – Some hair removal skin locations can be difficult to reach (back). Let your boy friend or best friend help you there.

    mangroomer for back hair removal
    The ManGroomer
  13. Men Back Hair Removal– No chance you will let a best friend do your back 😀 Men! For back hair removal forget IPL or laser – Get the most genius self accessory for reaching any spot with no sweat – order the original Mangroomer!
  14. Women Bikini– Bikini line may be sensitive, so cool it down, if you begin a leg session start at the bikini line, and start with a low energy level.
  15. Topical Anesthetics– For sensitive skin areas use some topical anesthetics, it may numb the skin and easy the feeling.
  16. Men’s Privates– The ‘crown jewels’ are sensitive too, you might need to pull skin to make the device skin sensors all attached. Note that the balls skin is darker (dark = painful) and heat can damage sperm quality. For men scrotum (and women) privates and inner bikini line get the CleanCut! Don’t buy the cheap competitors, you do not want nicks and cuts on private parts.. get the CleanCut Premium Steel Shaver only.

    Private scrotum balls hair removal
    The CleanCut Shaver
  17. Plan Re-Charging Breaks – Some hair removal lasers or IPL are cordless machines, they can work for 200 pulses and then need recharging. If you have finished a leg, take a break, recharge the device so you could complete the other leg without getting low battery alert. If you have the Me my Elos you are free from re-charging breaks or low battery.
  18. Tattoos– Doing IPL over tattoos may cause severe skin burns! The black pigment absorbs all the light energy! Either cover the tattoo with white makeup pencil or draw a clear line around it.
  19. Moles, Warts and Beauty Spots – They are usually pigmented skin dots over the skin – They will absorb much light energy too. Causing burns or discoloration – Like tattoos they should be avoided too.
  20. Rub Hairs Off – After the IPL or laser session, hairs in the follicle may be ‘dead’ but still in place. Use a soft wet towel and rub skin gently, the hair will fall off and the leg will feel smoother. If you have the Me my Elos attach the Me Epilator and get smooth legs without and towel hassle.
  21. Winter Time – Do IPL or laser sessions at the winter time, it is the best time for laser hair removal. The skin at winter is more pale, there are no UVB tanning sun rays and by summer you will be hair-free.
  22. Sun tanning not at hair removal sessionsSun Tanning – Avoid sun tanning during or between laser sessions, the skin is bombarded with light energy and the melanin is over loaded. Sun tanning at this stage may cause skin melanoma cancer.
  23. Do Sessions At Evening – Most IPL and Laser systems may cause skin irritations, redness, swelling and discomforts. Sleep it over, so the next day most of it will pass and no one will see it. BTW, Me my Elos uses IPL+RF technology so the IPL is softer with less skin irritations.
  24. Draw Lines– Laser sessions are endless… (one leg = 1 hour) draw lines with white eye makeup pencil so you can follow some path for better overlapping,
  25. Draw Lines 2– For IPL sessions which can be long too (one leg = 30 minutes) draw border lines so if your session is cut by ‘low battery’ you know where to resume.
  26. Me my Elos – One leg = 10 minutes, whole body 40 minutes. No drawing lines on body needed.
  27. Laser pen facial hair removalNipples – Our skin has dark skin areas like the nipple areola, or permanent makeup (eyebrows, lip contour) they should not be treated by IPL or laser.
  28. Pregnancy– IPL can be done at pregnancy, but is not recommended on lower abdominal, breasts or at the last trimester.
  29. Facial Hair Removal – Most IPL or laser are not approved for any facial hair removal. Some are approved for cheekbone and downwards. (Me my Elos approved for facial skin type 1-3). Do not self treat near the eyes!
  30. Eye Safety– If you go to a hair removal salon ask for laser safety goggles. If you plan to remove hair at home, buy the cheap laser pens for facial hair removal they have a precise tip and were designed for facial hair removal. See facial laser pen HERE note it is not designed for large areas but only around the lips, sideburns, and chin.
  31. Clean IPL Window– Clean the IPL window or laser emitter according to the manufacturers instructions. The lamp window collects your sweat, dirt, hairs and dust. This may decease efficiency and cause side effects.
  32. No Prior Waxing – Waxing pulls the hair from the root, and by that leaves no room for the IPL light (or laser) to do its effect. Light will be absorbed by the skin and cause side effects.
  33. Keep Moving – IPL light or laser should not be pulsed at the same spot over and over. Make sure one pulse per skin spot and then move on. Overlapping once is OK for complete coverage. Pulsing the same spot repeatedly can cause burns.

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