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Is the my my Elos goodThe Me my ELOS IPL + RF hair removal system is sold for a higher price than other at-home hair removal systems. Many shoppers are asking whether the Me my ELOS is good enough, effective and worth the higher price.

Buying any top level home laser/IPL system costs between $300-$400, one must add about $300 more to be able to purchase the Me My ELOS. ($695). In this review we will cover the features and benefits of the Me device so each person could decide for himself/herself whether it is worth the investment. We will use as many comparisons as we can so you can evaluate what added value you get when buying the ELOS system.

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Me My ELOS Branding Strength

The Me my ELOS was developed by IPL inventor and patent holder Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, who is the CEO of Syneron Medical Ltd. Syneron is one of the best known brands for professional aesthetics machines. After serving millions of treatments globally with the professional ELOS technology, Syneron has turned to the private in-house markets, and developed the first ever ELOS system for home use. When buying Me ELOS you get a global reliable brand strength.

Unique ELOS Technology

Comparing Me ELOS to other IPL is not quite right, because ELOS is a far better hair removal technology. ELOS means the systems uses two technology combined together IPL + RF (radio frequency) to eliminate the hair growth. It is the ELOS which makes the ME system stand out of the rest. The IPL mildly heats the hair and the RF heats the hair until it is disabled. Due to the fact that the RF is non-light, the ELOS has endless advantages: It is faster, less painful, more effective and safer to use for darker skin types. There is no other at-home ELOS system to compare to, when you buy the Me my ELOS it is like buying a Mercedes while all the rest are Toyota’s.

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Faster Treatments With ‘Me’

The ELOS uses an IPL flash to pre-heat the hair, the RF which follows disables the hair down the heated follicle. TRIA laser has a pinpoint tip 1 cm², and a emission rate of one flash every 3 seconds. So treating one leg can take over 1 hour! Regular IPL systems have a 6 cm² IPL window, and a pulse rate of 2-3 seconds too, treating a leg with Remington, Viss or Silk’n can take over 30 minutes. Me my ELOS can flash at rate of 2 pulses per second!! So a full leg can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Fastest hair removal sessions –

Is the me my Elos goodWhen comparing a full body treatment, TRIA will need over 3-4 hours (not including recharging downtimes). All IPL systems will need about 2 hours, and Me my ELOS user will be done after 30-40 minutes. Do you want to be doing treatments for hours or to be done after 40 minutes!


‘Me’ Is Safer For Darker Skin Types

Me is safer darker skin types like Indian, Latino, Hispanic and other tanned skin types. The ELOS is using the RF to complete the hair removal process, so less light energy is pulsed at the skin. While all the other laser or IPL systems (TRIA, Remington, Silk’n, Avance) are safe only for types 1-4, the ELOS device is the ONLY home system safe for types 5+6. Darker skin types don’t have much choice, it is ELOS or burns..




Skin Chart me my Elos Pro

‘Me’ ELOS is Less Painful

When comparing the heat sensation used by the ELOS, the system is less painful than other systems. The RF (radio frequency waves) are not felt by the user. I have used ELOS and except a slight warmth felt, it is not even close to the laser zapping pain! Tanned people who use laser usually have to lower the energy level down to decrease the pain, or to use numbing gels.. If you want to to be smooth but avoid pain, get the Me my ELOS..

Mega ELOS Cartridge

All IPL systems have disposable IPL cartridges. The Remington cartridge has 1500, Silk’n SensEpil has 750 flashes.. The Me my ELOS user get the system with 5400 flashes! Full body treatment plan requires 5000-6000 flashes. Only the Me user is not forced to buy extra cartridges, all the rest buy a low cost machine but have to add $50-$250 for IPL cartridges.

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‘Me’ = VIP User Experience

All laser or IPL systems require the user to shave before a treatment, so doing a home treatments becomes a messy hassle, of pre-shaving before each session. Me my ELOS has 2 revolutionary attachments, the Me shaver and Me epilator. So Me user can shave the skin with an electric shaver and do a treatment, at the same time!

So you do not have to plan a whole schedule before each session, you just plug, shave and treat in seconds.

Me my ELOS facial kit accessory, the “Me’ has a special facial kit, which has all that it needs for a safe home facial treatment. Non of the other IPL systems have a facial kit, and some do not permit any facial use at all (TRIA laser).

Is The Me My ELOS Good Enough

The unique ELOS technology which dermatologists and doctor’s chose to use at their offices around the world, is now available for personal home use! Suitable for men and women, permanent hair reduction at home.

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So is the Is The Me My ELOS good enough? Those who can afford it, will enjoy a faster treatment, with less pain and nearly zero hassle compared to any other home system. Can you compare iPhone to a old cellphone? iPhone can do much more! The Me my ELOS user’s experience makes the whole difference.