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Me my ELOS – Joules

Me my ELOS joules IPL + RF CartridgeThe Me my ELOS is a unique hair removal system which use more than one method to reduce appearance of unwanted hairs. Using IPL light joules and RF waves the Me my ELOS manages to reach a high joule without the known side effects of light energy.

Me my ELOS Light Joules

The photothermal hair removal light energy is measured by joules, this is the way to measure light energy of hair removal systems. Each laser hair removal or IPL hair removal device emits light at the skin to preform the hair removal process. High joules means more light energy.

Hair removal effective joules count is measured by: light energy per cm² per second.

How much light energy would 1 cm² of skin get in 1 second. Some systems have a tiny laser spot size, so they ‘manipulate’ the joules count per cm² of skin. Emitting the same energy at a smaller skin spot will raise the joules per cm² of skin. Emitting light more frequently per second will raise the joules per cm² of skin too.

Most IPL systems have an IPL window size of 4-6 cm². So they each pulse 24 joules, which is divided per square cm of skin they cover.

Here is a comparison of IPL hair removal systems:

Viss Beauty IPL – 4 joules per cm² per second

Remington IPL – 6 joules per cm² per second

Silk’n SensEpil – 4 joules per cm² per second

The Me my ELOS has – 9 joules per cm² per second

More About Me my ELOS Joules

IPL + RF Joules Me Hair Removal at Home
The Premium ‘Me my Elos’ Hair Removal System

The Me my ELOS use two Radio Frequency (RF) polar bars to transmit RF waves during the hair removal treatment. These RF waves are attracted to the pre-heated hairs and heat them some more. The Me my ELOS delivers the same low IPL joules light but adds the RF which heats the hairs in a way which is equivalent to 4-5 more joules.

By this way the Me my ELOS joules count is higher than all the rest of the IPL systems, without the side effects which are connected to the photo epilation process such as blisters, burns, scarring and redness.

Ultra Pro ELOS Hair RemovalThe Me my ELOS hair removal system is currently the best hair removal available for home use. With the higher joules it is able to be a more effective hair removal device.

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